Friday, January 23, 2009

Tanya or Yadira . . . WTF?!?!

So my entire family has become used to the idea that if this new baby is a boy his name will be Nicolas and if it's a girl her name will be Sofia, Sofi for short. My sister even has cute nicknames for the two girls. Smee and Soapy. In any case my husband unceremoniously informed me last night that our second daughter, assuming it is a girl, will NOT be named Sofia, Sofi or any of its dirivitives. He doesn't have a better reason other than out of 100+ nieces and nephews he has one other named Sofia. In any case so I was on the mental hunt for new girl names. I thought of naming her after his mom. Evelia. But one of his nieces is also named Evelia. So I thought of Eva. He shot that down. I thought of a few others which he swiftly shot down as well. I told him that he needs to come up with a English/Spanish interchangeable name we can both agree on before 'her' birth or her name will be Sofia. He came up with two beauts!! Tanya . . . and Yadira (pronounced like JaDeeruh rolling the R) WTF? Who names their daughter Tanya unless they plan on the girl turning into uber-bitch? And/Or super slut, rancher hick or blonde haired blue eyed airhead. I only name these after Tanya's I have met. Needless to say, I shot those both down so fast he probably wondered if he even suggested them out loud. So we are on the search for English Spanish interchangeable names. Ideas? The middle name must and will be Jane after my great grandmother.

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  1. Yeah um, pretty funny... I still am giggling about it!!! And not to mention, I'm keeping my eyes and ears peeled for a name suggestion for you guys!!! I certainly don't want baby with either of these names!!!! haha!!!! :-)


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