Monday, February 9, 2009


It's been a while since I last came here to blog. I guess that would be because on top of moving my entire life from one side of the city to the other, and besides taking care of my increasingly spoiled and needy 8 month old, and besides being 14 weeks pregnant with no end of morning sickness in sight, I suppose I have just had other things on my mind.
So the biggest thing right now is Buzzy's eating habits. At 3.9999 months old I started her on solids and since then she has been eating 1-2 jars of fruit/veggies/meat etc at each meal until this past month when out of nowhere she decided she wasn't having it anymore and went cold turkey on all her food. I came up with a few reasons. #1, I started her too early. (naaahhh...LOL) #2, she doesn't like babyfood (some of it does smell and taste pretty rank) #3, the move has her stressed or #4, Myturo's and my small mini-nuclear meltdown a while back took its toll on her. Now if you ask me I think its a mix of #'s 2-4. But then tonight we went to El Pollo Loco for dinner. I didnt bring her any babyfood, cuz heck, what's the point if she takes two forced bites and then seals her lips and shoves anything else offered to her away. So instead I gave her rice and pieces of chicken. She LOVED it!! Yaaayyy Buzzy. So from now on I will give her 'big people food' and see if that doesn't make a difference.
The next biggest thing right now is my marriage, or lackthereof. I feel like I live with my daughter and my male roommate. There is no spark, no affection, no tenderness, no love. It is truly very sad.
So that is what life is like in this world of mine. I moved, I unpacked with the great help of my mom and no thanks to my husband although he and my nephews did move in all the boxes and furniture. But then they... yes THEY... proceeded to stay day and night for five days and nights following. UGH!
Pregnancy... yes... I think I shall never do it again. Regardless if baby #2 is a boy or a girl I think two is my max. I think it is all I have room for in my heart. After this baby I will be going on depo-provera indefinitely. The notion I once had of having 'as many kids as God gives me' is a blip in my past. Not me, no way, nuh uh!
Which brings me to poppycock. Have you ever tried it? MMM... Big huge fat popcorn balls mixed with cashews and covered in a toffee glaze. OMG! If you haven't ever had it, don't try it and if you find it run in the opposite direction. It is not addicitive. It is a friggin disease!!
And on that note I shall be off. Tata!
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