Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Finale + Random

The birthday went well. It was pretty uneventful as my sister refused singing, there was no cake to speak of and getting photos was like pulling teeth. Probably ideal for her but completely dudd-ish if you ask me. The one good aspect of the evening, (in my opinion) was Josh. I want my sister to marry this boy. He has personality plus, a great sense of humor, he's a literal genius and he can solve a rubix cube without looking in under two minutes! That's my kinda guy!


Courtney & Josh

After dinner and dessert we went back to my mom's place and played a rip roaring game of Pictionary! LOL It was actually quite amusing and my grandparent's watched Buzzy for me.

Great Papa & My Buzzy

I'm exhausted. I am soo tired of being pregnant. In 2 years I have only had a total reprieve of 6 months from being pregnant. One month after the miscarriage and 5 months between buzzy and the little Nameless. I'm tired of the acid reflux. Tired of the sensitive smells and tastes. Tired of the nausea, the wacky hair, the swollen feet, the achey leaky boobs, the fatigue. I'm tired of the extra weight, the backaches, the vaginal farts, the sciatica, the necessary pantyliners. I'm just tired of it all. I cannot wait to give birth and regain control of my body. I'll take 5 depo shots if its necessary to keep me from getting pregnant again. I just want to be me for a while, again. Not me + Baby Belly.
Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't trade all that either. I love Buzzy, love my little Nameless who, (as the name implies)has yet to be named and wouldn't give either up for anything. I'm just tired.
Oh, and if I never have to see/taste another Tums in my life it will be too soon.

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