Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calling Myself Out . . .

Yes, I am calling myself out. I have neglected to follow my own goal of updating this blog regularly and that is why. I don't know why I forget to do it. I sit in front of my computer so often just wondering what to do and refreshing browsers over and over expecting new things to up and entertain me. My readers may wonder how I can be bored with a 9 month old. Well, my husband has lost a lot of hours at work and therefore is home more often. Buzzy loves to be with him so when she is, I am here. On the computer.
Buzzy turned 9 months the day before yesterday. I cannot believe how the time has passed. She is trying so hard to crawl and she babbles up a storm although, for the life of me, I cannot get her to mutter anything even close to Mama. Dada is a regular vocabulary word for her though. She weaned herself off of baby food one day a month or so back and now only eats big girl foods. Mind you she has not even a hint of a tooth, so she gums everything to death. She gives big wet kisses, claps and waves. She dances as she sits with her arms straight out in front of her bouncing up and down. I love her to death.
I am now 18.5 weeks pregnant with who we believe is Sofia Jane. She may however surprise us and morph into Nicholas Alan Miguel but we confirm on March 25th. This lil booger is kickin mommy's butt from the inside out. Morning sickness has still not ebbed and I throw up once a day at least. I get nauseous and light headed if I stand for too long and on more than one occasion (including one when I was driving - scary) I have gotten insane dizzy spells. The big HUGE difference between this pregnancy and Buzzy's though, is my weight gain. By 18 weeks I believe I had gained close to 30 lbs with Buzzy and with this one, I have only gained between 12-15. Yay!
I am over the moon for a couple of my friends who are going through preliminary infertility treatment and IVF. I am hoping they both get their positive pregnancy tests within the next couple weeks!!
And on that note, I believe I have covered my bases. So goodnight to all of you out there in blog world! I shall try to return soon.

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