Monday, March 30, 2009

Exhausted Pity Party

We are breaking ground! Buzzy no longer requires more than a bit of a bottle to go to sleep, she sleeps (for the most part) through the night and when it comes to driving in the car she no longer wails and sobs. I think she finally realizes, whether she likes it or not, the car is a part of our family and a part of our lives.
On the opposite note, my poor little girl has been having serious gas issues lately, making it difficult for her and for Mama. There are times when she is in so much pain she shrieks uncontrollably. She pushes away from me, arches her back and shoves off with her feet. (and let me tell you; when your nearly 6 months pregnant, having a very strong little girl shove her heel and/or toes into your belly is not at all pleasant!)
Tonight, baby girl fell asleep in the car on the way home. She woke up when we arrived and was fine until I put her down so I could use the restroom. You'd have thought I sat her on steel spikes. And thus, one of her episodes began. It took me nearly an hour to calm her enough to change her diaper and get her to relax to drink some milk. But in that hour, my mind was on Fry Mode.
It is very difficult to be pregnant with an . . . infaddler . . . ? (mix between infant and toddler? Not quite sure where she falls) In any case the demands are very real and there is no peace or quiet time. She needs what she needs and she needs it NOW. My nausea, heartburn, intestinal issues, headaches, cramps, backaches and any other mality I may be feeling is set on the back burner. And let me tell you for anyone who doesn't know, it's hard to put those things on the back burner!
Like now for instance, I have to pee, I need a Tums, and my eyelids are so heavy I may as well have them closed but I can't go pee, I can't go get the Tums and I can't go get in bed because Buzzy just fell asleep and knowing her as well as I do, I KNOW if I attempt to move she'll wake up and I DO NOT want another episode like before.
So here I sit . . . throwing an exhausted one person pity party.

In other news:
- I got my tax refund! With that money I bought a used SLR camera off a friend and I will be posting the pictures I take here as soon as I get it.

- I joined twitter, Check it out here or you can also follow my tweets on the right hand side of this blog!

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  1. Hey girl!! Congrats on the Camera!! Can't wait to see what gorgeous pics you take!!!! I see you figured out the Sig thing, don't you want to help Megs out. I forgot to tell her how.... :)


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