Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Of Course . . .

Of course as soon as I was to verbalize Buzzy's fabulous new sleeping habits, there would come a night like tonight where we just can't sleep. For those that don't know, she sleeps in bed with me. Me, and me only because Daddy took to sleeping in another room almost 8 months ago when I decided it was time for me to rejoin the land of the horizontal after her birth. (I had spent the last 4 months of my pregnancy sitting upright in a recliner to diminish my acid reflux) In any case, a month or so ago I removed the moveable bedrail off of her crib, smashed my mattress up against it and thus found a way to cosleep without 'sharing' my bed. This worked fabulously until I could no longer roll over or scooch fast enough across the wide expanse of bed to get to the bathroom in time. Thus, she migrated back into my bed where I could easily access her and all of her needs as well as quickly just roll my pregnant self off the side of the bed to use the bathroom. Well, anyone who cosleeps knows, that a baby takes up more room then an adult in bed. They have no concept of space, therefore sprawling their arms, kicking their little feet, rolling and adjusting to random awkward positions at their heart's content.
So now, after only a brief moment of quiet cries Buzzy is asleep on my shoulder in the very same position she was asleep in as I blogged last night. My eyes are still heavy, I still need to pee (again, I have not been holding it) but I took my Tums so one down isn't bad, huh? I am going to try to lie her down and catch a few more hours of shut eye. Wish me luck!


  1. You silly girl, you do know me...It's me Nichole LOL! I guess I just figured you coulda guessed!!! You make me smile!

  2. Like your bloggy =) Adding this to my bookmarks so I can keep up with you, Sammi, and your baby on the way. Oh. This is Amanda (Katora/"Fiona's Mommy") from myspace. I need to check out this whole blogspot thing, I like the feel of it better than myspace I think! =)


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