Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Fine Day

As I sit here on the sofa, with my husband resting on the floor, and my miracle of a daughter (because regardless, all children are miracles) cooing at her little book and the television remote control, I find myself amazed at life, life in all aspects. How it begins, sadly how it ends, and where it takes us all on so many paths and yet we meet each other on those paths as they intersect and we are affected by those people on those different paths.
I have so much on my mind right now. Not much relevant or significant and yet it all is. First, I am astounded by the strength of a woman (MckMamma)and her faith in God at a time in her life where so many others in her position would simply break. I am astounded by her ability to reach out and touch people with her words while something so amazingly life altering is occurring in her own life. I don't think I could do it. If it were my child. I hate to say it, but I think I would be selfish. I think I would recede into myself and wallow in self pity and 'why me?' 'why my child?' But she doesn't. She is strong. She is a true soldier of God. She knows He has a plan and that she will praise Him regardless of the outcome, because we don't always get the answer we want when we pray to God, just the peace to know He's listening.
On another note, I am desperately nervous and excited for my friend Annie who will be receiving her results of her first IVF treatment on Friday. She too is strong. To have endured all she has endured in the name of having a child. Again, there are so many people in her position who would have simply broke from the stress, the heartache and the disappointment. But not her. No she is a pillar among all the waves that have crashed around her and I am praying that soon, very soon her trials will end and her perseverance will pay off.
On my side of the world, it is confirmed that our second little bundle will be a girl. She is measuring perfectly, at 13oz and looks very similar to Buzzy at this point in my pregnancy. I am eccstatic to have a little sister for my Buzzabouey! I can reuse all of her things and hopefully they will be very close and enjoy the same things. A mommy can only hope and pray. I hope to post pictures of my little kickboxer soon.
Until then . . . God Bless



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  1. I love that you're updated more that I even "rewarded" you and tagged you!!!! Come and see what it's all about. :-)

    What a great photo of "kicker" too!!!


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