Friday, April 17, 2009

40th Post

I would have liked to have had more happy things to post about on my 40th post. Unfortunately my night was full of crying, headaches, vomit, and not full at all of sleep. Buzzy came down with a cold the day before yesterday. The Pheneminimus, as my family calls it. She has a wicked congested cough, and last night it escalated into vomiting and fever. Needless to say, I spent more time walking around the house with a sometimes whining, sometimes screaming, and sometimes sleeping 10 month old than I did in bed. I spent more time in the bathroom, cleaning vomit off of Buzzy and myself and at 7:00AM when I did finally fall asleep I was so tired that three hours later at 10:00 I didn't wake up when Buzzy started crying. Instead, I dreamt about her crying. Thank God for Myturo though. As much as I complain sometimes, and as much as I bad-talk him sometimes, I must say that all I had to do was ask him to stay home from work and he was on the phone calling someone to cover his shift. Thank God for these answered prayers.

On another note. I am tired of my stomach sitting on my thighs. I have been pregnant with no time to recuperate a non-pregnant body for going on 2 years and thus my stomach is stretched (especially considering I'm 6 month along) and mishapen and just, not pretty. Slowly but surely the end of July, beginning of August is approaching and Little Nameless will be here. I cannot wait to see her and see how she and Buzzy look alike and how they differ. I cannot wait to have her in my arms, and not in my womb and cradle my two beautiful girls together. I cannot wait to have my body back.

And on that note, my eyes are sleepy. Buzzy is napping with Daddy so Mama is going to close her eyes also.
God Bless

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