Thursday, April 23, 2009

All In a Day

Today has been interesting. Buzzy and I woke up this morning after another night of (almost) uninterrupted sleep and had some cereal and yogurt. The beginnings to any normal day in this house. Then Daddy woke up and we decided to go out for our breakfast as we normally do on his days off. We always go to IHOP because the prices are low and the food is good. (good being a relative term that means edible, digestible and won't give you stomach pains or keep you in the bathroom, moaning for all eternity) So we drove the 10-15 miles (whatever it is) to IHOP and parked. I got Buzzy out of her car seat and was standing next to the car while Myturo got her high chair cover (yes, I use one of those. Not because I'm anal but because I can. LOL)
High Chair Cover (in case you don't know what one is - they're fabulous and work in grocery carts also)

and diaper bag together. As I stood and waited with Buzzy goo-ing and gaa-ing over the trees and trying to pinch off the freckles (that aren't even raised) from my chest I watched as a very large 4x4 Ford truck began to back out of the space directly in front of us. Something in me cringed. I don't believe in fortune telling and I definitely don't believe in psychic powers but a 6th sense of some sort told me what was coming was not good. The truck backed straight out very slowly, stopped, backed out some more, stopped and NEVER turned it's wheels. He just kept coming out straight and before I could say anything or yell for Myturo to honk the horn, **CRUNCH** the trailer hitch of the truck crashed into the grill of my little Nissan. UGH!
Myturo, still sitting in the car and a little delayed in his reaction, pressed the horn ineffectively which made it 'chirp' instead of 'honk'.

Yeah, that's the way to tell 'em hun!

The man in the truck got out of his car and asked,
"Did I hit you?"
My sarcastic side thought snidely.

No, dear, if you had hit me I probably wouldn't be standing here but rather laying, kneeling or sitting on the ground with some kind of crushed appendages, doncha think?

But all I could bring myself to say was,
"Yep. You got my grill pretty good."
"Gee, I'm sorry." Gotta love that 'ignorant is me' Washintonian-ness.
In all actuality he really didn't damage my car. He just popped the grill plate out of place and both he and Myturo popped it back in easily. I did however, ask him for his name and insurance information regardless. When my car was inspected further and I was satisfied that there really was no damage and the man offered to pay for our breakfast, I agreed. I generally don't take advantage of people unless they are just plain rude or obnoxiously obstinate. And as Myturo pointed out, if we had taken advantage of this poor man, it would have eventually come back to bite us. I don't believe in Karma or whatever else that sounds like either but I do believe we reap what we sew and so we let the truck guy off the hook.
After breakfast, which ended up costing us a whopping $7.09 with the $25.00 gift certificate Mr. Truck Guy had bought we went to Target as Buzzy who is now 10.5 months old has officially grown out of her 9,12,and some of her 18 month old clothes. So we went, bought her her first bathing suit. Some summer dresses, some shorts and tank tops and some 24 month onesies.
On the way through Target though, I found something very ironic. As I looked around at the other customers, I saw several 'chunky' women, several large women, and a few VERY large women, myself included somewhere in that bunch. I saw only a couple women who looked like they were at their perfect weight and then of course the few twiggies. And as I over viewed the selection of clothing available I almost had to laugh. The twiggies and the perfect weight ladies must have been in their glory because the clothing available looked like nothing more than size 5. There were tank tops, and skirts, skorts, capris, leggings, bikinis and bathing suits and sun dresses and all of them looked like they belonged on a 120lb girl with no hips and no boobies.
Tsk Tsk Target. When the average woman in the state's population weighs about 200lbs you should be selling clothing accordingly. And no, I don't mean gigantic moomoo's or however you spell it, with the even more gigantic floral print. Thank God I'm pregnant and I can find decent non-floral print non-moomoo-ish clothing to cover my ever expanding girth. Otherwise I may have had to write Target a little note.
And on that note (of a note) Prayer for my Mama would be greatly appreciated. She just has the flu but her throat is swollen and her lungs are rattling and there isn't anything they can do for her because its a virus. So please keep her in your prayers that she gets better quickly. I don't like to see my Mama sick.


  1. First of all, I will pray for your mom. I hope she feels better soon! It was nice of you to let the truck guy go. Glad there was no damage. You're so right about how stores market their clothes for skinny gals. They should remember that the rest of us are waiting to spend our $ on some nice stuff! Keep feeling good! I'll tag you next time I get a meme:)

  2. I hope your mom feels better soon too! And I'm glad all is ok with your car and the truck guy. :)

  3. I will pray for your mom. So glad your car isn't really damaged.


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