Thursday, April 9, 2009

Buzzabouey, Buzzabouey Night and Day It's Buzzabouey

So tonight, I was in the bathroom (yeah, I know. You're wondering if my blog ideas ever occur to me when I'm not sitting on the toilet) In any case I was sitting on the toilet and Buzzy was sitting on the carpet outside the bathroom waiting for me. I, being a first time Mommy, get a complete kick out of the fact that she will sit there, inspect the grain of the carpet, pull up hairs, dirt, and anything else she can find as she waits. Patiently she will lean forward so that half of her body is inside the bathroom, and she will become highly engrossed in something on the tile. In tonights case, it was a dried up piece of Daddy's shaving gel that fell on the floor. And she will sit there, with her tiny mouth puckered and her eyebrows furrowed, picking at it until she removes it from the floor. She will then proceed to examine and inspect it from every angle as it is stuck to her little index finger.
When she is finished with this thorough examination she will turn her hand upside down, as thought to drop it, but is bewildered to realize it is stuck to her. She uses her other hand to pick it off and it becomes stuck to the other index finger. By now she has had enough and with the grace of the lady I want her to become swiftly grinds her little fingers into the carpet, hoping it will rub off. It doesn't. It just moves from the tip of her index finger to the inside of her index finger. She doesn't seem to care. Out of sight, out of mind. But occasionally as she moves on to bigger more interesting things I see her glance at her hand (and I know she can still feel the dried shaving cream's presence on her finger) and she'll wipe her hand on her pants or in the carpet and continue on with what she is doing.
In an effort to distract her from playing with the hinges to the door of the bathroom and even worse the doors to the flimpsy entertainment center in our bedroom (I have nightmares of the TV falling over on her) I say loudly, "Buzzy! Where's your belly?" and pat my belly for emphasis. (Yes, people! I'm doing this while sitting on the toilet) Buzzy swiftly falls back to her rump, as she'd been holding onto the wall and balancing on her knees, and pats her belly. A perfect mimick of what Mommy did. I am bursting with pride (from the toilet) and I say it again. "Buzzy, where's your belly?" And all by herself she pats her belly. I then say, "Buzzy, where's your nose?" I pat my nose emphatically and she stares at me like I'm a lunatic. This doesn't disuade me. "Buzzy, where's your nose?" I pat my nose emphatically again and this time she mimicks me, sticking one finger nearly up her left nostril as she attempts to pat her nose. "Yay Buzzy! You're so smart!" I am beaming still. "Buzzy where's your nose?" She looks at me with a furrowed brow as if to say, "Mom just poop and get off the pot!" swirls from her rump to her knees and crawls away toward an alligator clip that had fallen on the floor. I took the hint and finished my business.

Onto other news. I am 22 weeks and nearly 4 days pregnant. Where has the time gone? And yet little Nameless' birth seems so far away! I don't yet have a recent belly shot but here are the one's I've taken thus far. Hopefully I will remember to add my whale-ish 23 week photo soon.

14 Weeks 5 Days
18 Weeks 6 Days
20 Weeks 1 Day

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