Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flip Floppin' for Formula In the Rain

Spring is here. Shouldn't the rain be heading on out? I know, I know. April showers bring May flowers, yada yada. But does the rain really have to stick its tongue out at me on the last three days of April after several days of beautiful sunshine, singing neener neener neener, I'm not gone yet?
Tonight, Buzzy and I went to the supermarket with my grandma for some miscellaneous items she needed. Upon arriving the sky was blue, the sun was setting and there were sparse clouds strung among the sunset. Cool, crisp dry air. It was beautiful. Perfect even. My ideal Spring evening!
An hour later, upon leaving it had started to sprinkle. No biggie. We drove home. I got my flip flop clad feet a bit soggy on the jaunt inside but again, no biggie.
I changed Buzzy's diaper and went to make her evening bottle only to find my very last can of formula with only 2.5 scoops left. I knew she'd want a bottle when it was time for bed and remembered I had a full can in the trunk of my car. After putting on Buzzy's pajamas I bundled her in her daddy's fleece jacket, slipped on my flip flops and went outside only to find it raining pouring cats and dogs.

Mind you, I was no longer dressed in my clothes but also bra-less in my long night shirt and mismatched Capri pajama bottoms. What a sight!
I decided to go inside and wait to see if the rain would let up, in the mean time trying to convince Buzzy that a bottle full of water was just as satisfying as a bottle full of formula. Apparently, I wasn't very convincing because she took the bottle of water from me and chucked it to the floor.

About twenty minutes later, I decided bedtime was quickly approaching and Buzzy was becoming increasingly more cranky. It was now or never!
So again, I bundled my pajama clad Buzzy in her daddy's fleece jacket, retrieved my trusty red umbrella from behind the closet door and out we went.
All I have to say is it is not an easy task to carry not only myself and my ever growing belly, not only carry me, my belly and my 24lb 10 month old. Not only carry me, my belly, my heavy 10 month old but my heavy 10 month old, bundled in a fleece jacket. Not only all these things but also an umbrella with rain pelting us, in flip flops down one flight and up another flight of puddle ridden, badly sloped stairs (remember my story 'we three fell'?) and THEN to unlock my car, open the trunk and retrieve the can of formula which had conveniently rolled to the back of the trunk.
Did I mention I also have very short arms and legs? Yeah, let's not even go there.
But somehow, with luck or possibly just by the grace of God I was able to reach the can of formula and then, with Buzzy hanging awkwardly off my hip, the umbrella everywhere but above us and therefore not exactly doing its job, and my flip flop clad feet now soaked, I made my way back down and up those nasty stairs, threw the umbrella, still open, on my doorstep and went inside.
I'm tired now.
But now I must make Buzzy her bottle and put her to sleep and only then, THEN, I too will change my jammies, make sure my feet are dry and rest.
Goodnight world!

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