Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mish Mosh Tish Tosh

Whenever I go to someone else's blog I find myself inclined to 'bounce' as they say if the person has more than two or three contests, give-aways, tags or awards in a row. I guess I am more interested in what the blogger has to say, what they think, than what I could win from them, or what 8 things they've done recently or what awards their friend bloggers have given them. And as I looked over my blog I realized I was doing exactly what repels me from a site. So, for those like me, I solemnly swear not to do more than one tag or award (contests and give-aways are still too advanced level of blogger-dumb-ness)

News on Buzzy's home front: Her first two bottom teeth are FINALLY cutting through! Halleh-friggin-lujah (or however you spell it)

Confession: I actually started this post last night but after a horrid time getting Buzzy to sleep, I was too tired to finish it.

It seems that once again, for the third day in a row Myturo is leaving us to work double shifts. I remember a time long ago when Buzzy wasn't even a sparkle in my eye and even when she was in-utero that I would covet nights where Myturo would work double to have ME Time. Now that I no longer have a firm grasp on that concept (of ME Time) anymore I covet the days when he is home with Buzzy and me. love having him here to share in everything that is our daughter, from waking with her, to feeding her, to playing with her and but of course, dealing with her tantrums. He won't be spending that kind of time with him again until Monday. He works double today, tomorrow and Sunday. Faaabulous. Note sarcasm.

Sorry, my original topic from last night got away from me. I no longer have inspiration to write about tags, awards and my pet peeves . . . especially since Buzzy is being a fusspot.

Buzzys Mama's official definition of "Fusspot": (noun) To whine, whimper, cry, and/or make "stinky face" and undesirable cranky noises repeatedly without signaling in some way as to what's wrong.

Buzzys Mama's official definition of "Stinky Face": (noun ; can be used as a verb) The facial expression in which the brow is furrowed, the eyes squinted, nose scrunched and lips puckered to portray distaste in something or someone.

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