Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Buggies

Some odd days ago, it may even be more than a week now, I was heading to my mom's house to visit her so she could see Buzzy. She had requested that I bring dinner and the fast food place she and my sister wanted was near me, not them. (I live approximately 15 miles from my mom)In any case, Buzzy and I drove into the drive-thru with the car windows all rolled down, cuz in a state where it rains 364 (ok, BIG small exaggeration) days out of the year, you don't lose the opportunity to roll your windows down.
So, as we drove up to the intercom where you order, what happens? A bug . . . a bug that looked roughly like this
(ok, BIG small exaggeration)
More like this
(Yes, it was a June bug)

flew through one of the open windows and hit the winsheild with a nasty crunch. It then proceeded to flop around my dashboard making that horrible bzzzing sound crunchy flying bugs make and each time it would crash into something it would crunch making my ears ring and my adrenaline rush. I prayed he wouldn't **bzzz crunch** onto me or Buzzy or even worse into one of our mouths or up one of our noses.
This continued on as I spewed out an order and drove to the pickup window. He then unceremoniously *bzz crunched* right into Buzzy's diaper bag where I had my money stored in my wallet. Eeew! I freaked, jumped outta my car with cars lining up behind me, rushed around to the passenger side with every intention of dumping the diaper bag completely empty into the drive-thru. But as I peered into the diaper bag, there seemed to be no movement and no *Bzzz Crunch*
With the tips of my thumb and index finger I pulled my wallet out of the diaper bag and rushed back around to the driver side of the car where I proceeded to stand, pay and receive my food, only THEN get back into my car.
I decided since there seemed to be no more man-eating June Bug in the car and we'd be going about 50mph down the main highway, to keep the windows down on the way to my mom's, and off we went.
About 15 minutes later when we arrived at my mom's, after a surprisingly non-panicked drive, I called my mom on my cellphone so she could come out and help me with Buzzy, my luggage *ahem, diaper bag and the food and who would you guess would flop his *bzz-ing crunchy* body out of the diaper bag, bzz straight to the glove compartment *crunch* and amazingly zoom straight out the open window?? You guessed it. The man-eating June Bug. Pheeew! What a relief!


  1. That would have definitely freaked me and my kids out! Bugs zooming or jumping around the car can be very distracting! Glad that June Bug went on his way. Hope you had a nice visit after all that!

  2. Heh, thankfully we don't get any big bugs over here. That and the weather is so bad that the windows never seem to be down.

    Oh, and bleurgh. I don't like the music that scared me half to death on this page! I just started reading when WHAM! blaring tuneage :(

  3. Oh my! I hate bugs, that would have been awful!


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