Friday, April 17, 2009

Pieces of Me

I thought, for those who don't know me or who don't know me well, I would write a post explaining a bit about me. While some of you know my name, it isn't important really in the scheme of things. I am most importantly known as Mama, or Mommy.
Before I became a mommy I believe I was defined by my laziness. I worked only as much as was required of me. I spent hours upon hours on superficial ridiculousness. I watched TV, I played on the computer, once in a while I would venture out with my husband or to visit my family but I was basically a hermit, enclosed in my world of fiction and cyber reality.
In addition to being lazy I was also known for being anti-nature. No one ever invited me anywhere that involved the outdoors because they knew my answer would be no. I hated bugs, I hated any weather that wasn't cold and rainy (allowing me to stay indoors with a solid excuse) and I hated any sort of exercise that didn't include a time limit.
Now a days my life is significantly different. I no longer am defined by my lazy, anti-social, hermit ways. My daughter opened up a door in my life that has truly opened my eyes to a new perspective.
Now, when given the opportunity to go somewhere (whether it be indoors or outdoors) I generally jump at the opportunity. I am no longer a super wimp (a big wimp still, though) when it comes to bugs. They don't stop me from venturing outside. One of Buzzy's favorite things is the cold outside air. And she thrives in the sunlight on warm days. There is nothing I personally enjoy more than seeing my baby girl enjoying herself in the natural sunlight with the breeze in her face. And because I enjoy her happiness, I too am happy.
Today, I am (Most Importantly) a Mommy of two beautiful girls. Today I define myself as a creative, mildly stubborn, easily irritable but patient, crazy, beautiful, humorous, adventurous, timid yet loud, bilingual, enjoy-er of life.


  1. Krissy, I just read your writing piece on e's blog. As a reader, I could feel the tension and anxiety of the trapped closet one. Well done! I admire your honesty about self-discovery in this post. I can relate to your venturing out to experience things on new levels. I have a greater appreciation of nature now that I see it through my children's eyes. I enjoyed visiting your blog tonight:)

  2. It's amazing how much kids change us!


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