Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prayer Needed Around the Country

A Thought for the Day:
'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.' When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

Yesterday I received a text from a dear friend who is currently nearing the end of her first pregnancy, which has been laden with trials and tribulations. The text said that happily she would be able to attempt a natural birth the beginning of May. Sadly though, a natural birth would put extra stress on her little boy who already has a moderately serious physical issue (a herniated diaphragm) and they would need to keep him in the NICU for approximately a month. I don't know if the time was elaborated for comfort so that when he could leave early his mom would be overjoyed, or if the time frame was optimistic and he may need to spend even more time there. In any case prayer is needed in Illinois to allow baby Cash a safe arrival into the world, whether it be by natural or c-section birth. That his mom "L" be comforted by God's hands through the labor, the possible surgery and anything that comes afterward. I wish I had a blog to link to but unfortunately she does not (yet) use blogspot. I am trying to convince her.
Another prayer needed is in Minnesota. My dear friend Annie will soon have her first ultrasound following her first successful IVF treatment. Pregnancy has been confirmed by blood test but a heartbeat or more have yet to be confirmed and I ask that prayers go out for her and her husband and that God's Will be done (hopefully in the form of one or more beautiful little white flickering heartbeats) in that first anxiety filled ultrasound.
In Missouri, my friend Meghan is doing her first round of injectibles in an effort to conceive her first baby(ies). I have known this girl for going on three years now and if there is anyone in the world more wanting, more qualified and more deservining of a beautiful baby to call her own, well, I sure would like to meet her because I've always wanted to meet a Saint. Meghan only has so many cycles of injectibles covered by her insurance, however, and so to all my readers, I ask for prayer that, again, God's Will be done (hopefully in the form of a beautiful healthy pregnancy resulting from this first round of more invasive fertility option).
Little Stellan of MckMamma's Blog, has been out of SVT, off his central IV, and exclusively on oral meds! Praise God for He is good!! He just needs prayer now that surgery (an ablation) will not be necessary and that soon he will be able to go home with his Mamma to be with his Daddy and brothers and sister. In Jesus name!
How Beautiful is This!
(You can click on the photo to be taken to MckMamma's Blog to read more)

Kayla, in Ohio, is also a dear friend of mine who just found out that her pregnancy may end in a miscarriage. Prayers for her, and her bean, are much appreciated. Prayers that a miracle might occur and in the follow-up ultrasound a baby will appear with a strong healthy heartbeat. Prayer that if this is not God's will that he will put peace in Kayla's heart and hold her through this trying time.
My last prayer request, and possibly thee most pressing of all is for a woman named Anja who is a very dear friend's sister. She has had multiple late term losses and is currently barely 20 weeks pregnant with her little girl, Rebecca. Anja has already gone into premature labor, and her cervix has shortened, requiring a cerclage to close it until Rebecca is of more acceptable size for birth. She is currently in the hospital as I speak. My prayer request for this baby and her Mamma is that first and foremost, God carry them both. Let them know He is with them, holding them and that regardless of what happens it is to glorify Him. Give Anja peace with that knowledge. May His Will be done, ( hopefully, in the form of allowing little Rebecca at least 4-8 more weeks within her Mamma to develop enough to surivive outside the womb.)

Easter is coming! Buzzy's first Easter and I think the first Easter in a long time that has moved me beyond believe at the real meaning. It's not just about the hidden eggs, the candy, the bunnies, the chickies, and the fun of the children. In the past I have put on the backburner the true meaning of Easter. The real reason. But this year, it sits forefront in my mind. I am a sinner. I am mortal. I will die. But because of Easter, because of the Passion of Christ and because HE ROSE on that third day, I am forgiven. I have eternal life with My Savior. My earthly body will die but my spirit will live, with Him forever! Because of Easter.
Of course, I am also very excited to share this with my little girl. I am so inspired to take her to church, and share the story. She's less than one year old but something tells me regardless if she understands the words or the meaning of all that goes on around her, she will understand. Her innocent little spirit is still so close to Him. This warms my heart.

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