Monday, April 20, 2009

Shocked, Appalled, Disgusted!

I was surfing the web yesterday and came across a website called I was investigating what it was all about when the name Mckmamma caught my eye. Being the great admirer of this woman that I am, I thought maybe she was a part of this site as well and clicked to investigate. But the moment I clicked on the link, ( I realized this was not by Mckmamma but about her and, as I read, nothing I wanted to be a part of. I have included links because I truly could not believe what I was reading. However, I continued to read, becoming more and more appalled by the word! The name calling, the accusations, the gossip and the naked hatred these people are spewing is more than I can comprehend.

One person wrote (and I 100% agree):
WOW! I'm shocked to read some of these post about another women's outward appearences. It's rather sad that people have nothing better to do then pick apart someones looks, clothes and how much or what they are eating. Guess daughter was in the NICU for 2 weeks and it wasn't anywhere near as severe as Stellan's problem. I'm an emotional eater and gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Whether you agree with her or like who she is, you can't deny that having your 5mo son in the NICU with heart problems would be stressful! WHY do you care so much if she finishes a bag of trail mix?! She could eat the entire mix AND the bag itself if that's what she wants to do! Why should any of that be of your concern?

And this one as well:
If you "CANNOT stand this woman" to the point that you "want to vomit" why then are you following her on Twitter? It doesn't even make sense that you would continue to read thing that cause such turmoil within your own life! The fact that you know she has literally updated Twitter 9 times in an hour, shows quite an obession on your end. Really! You're counting how many times she has twittered, then bitching about it!! QUIT FOLLOWING HER! There, that's the simple, in the very least, should cure your nausea! Good luck! (also isn't the point of twitter to give quick updates? Like, leaving for Target!, didn't find what I wanted, so I'm going to Walmart!...see how that works?!)

If you have read even a portion of what I linked to this post I would hope you are at least half as upset about this as me. I mean, despite the fact that the entire 'chat' is completely pointless and succeeds in doing nothing productive it also brings so many questions to my mind.

Who are these people?
Why do they have such a profound dislike from someone they don't even know?Who are they to say what is real and true and why do they even care?
Supposedly these are all adults. Do they not have better things to do with their time then sit and read blogs and the publicly bash and insult the writer?
Don't they have better things to do with their time then sit and pick apart someone's words until they are twisted and ugly?
And why do they care about the generosity of millions of people lending a hand, or a dollar or a bag of trail mix to a family who while may not be monetarily in need but are currently passing through a very trying time in their life?
Again, who are these people? Better yet, who do THEY THINK they are?

Ok, I'm done with my vent. This just really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end! UGH! Regardless, so many people love you MckMamma & Stellan and I am praying for you to be HEALED ONCE AGAIN!

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  1. Way too many jerks in this world. These kind of people should censor themselves before sharing their opinions. I think everyone should try their best to send out "postive energy". We have too much negativity these days anyway.
    I also pray for sweet little Stellan today. Hope everything goes well :)


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