Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Train of Thought Tuesday

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*My sporadic and random thoughts for one solid minute.

My bra is too tight.
I wish I had that logo to make her button.
Poor Megs.
I wonder what it is she thinks her RE should be doing that he's not.
The blinds are closed.
Why are the blinds closed?
They should be open to let the sunshine in.
Was that Buzzy cooing?
Tell me she's not awake already.
Oh well, even if she is Myturo is in there with her.
Please, don't be awake yet little one.
Mommy needs a rest.
Peepee Diapers on the floor.
Yeah, maybe those should be in the trash.

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  1. Hey... coming over from Lynette's blog. Good to visit with you.
    Sweet Blessings


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