Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Train of Thought Tuesday

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*My sporadic and random thoughts for one solid minute.

I hope Buzzy feels better soon.
The sun is out, the sun is out.
I hate those waspy things with the dangly legs.
Is my laundry done?
What's my mom doing?
I wish I weren't so tired.
I'm so excited about my ultrasound tomorrow.
Wow, Buzzy snores loudly when she's sick.
I don't want to pick up all the toys or do the dishes or clean or finish the laundry.
I wonder what my family is doing for dinner tonight.
I wonder how Stellan is doing after his surgery.
I wish pool season would start now.
Watermelon sounds good.
So do cool ranch doritos.
Darn dryer has to be so friggin' loud!
Need to replace that light bulb.
Wish Buzzy knew how to blow her nose.
Texting is addictive.
My YI isn't bothering me today.
I'm hungry.
The sun!
I wanna go to the river and bbq.

1 comment :

  1. I love going for an ultrasound! I miss those. So nice to see baby floating around and having fun in there! Great random thoughts. I probably would share a couple of those. Especially doritos and watermelon! Interesting combination:)


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