Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It seems that Buzzy is more unsettled than I had imagined. Usually with Daddy home she is over the moon content and all smiles. Not today. Today she is cranky, crabby, whiney, cry-ie, just unsettled. Nor Daddy or I can calm her, relax her. She has had two very short unsettled naps. It's kind of, well, unsettling.
Mommy is also unsettled. But more-so physically than anything. My stomach is in knots. I just wish I could somehow extract all the acid from my stomach and my esophogus. The popsicle Buzzy and I just shared helped a bit. But my stomach is still unsettled.

My husband and I have issues. We are addicts. It is truly a sad day when the highlight of the evening is watching three hours worth of Spanish soap operas. I am thoroughly ashamed.

***Side Note: I am a very impatient person and am desperately trying to sit on my hands and wait for my new camera to arrive. 2-3 days does not sound like a long time unless you're me. Then it is an eternity. UGH!! God grant me patience!

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