Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update All Over . . .

We Three Fell
Yesterday, Buzzy was super cranky. Myturo had gone to work which I hadn't anticipated and my only canister of formula was out in the car. So I dressed myself, dressed Baby Girl and went outside to get the formula. Mind you this is not a simple jaunt from the front door to the car. First, I have to go down 6 or 7 steps that are sloped and badly alligned. Then I have to walk a bit up hill to another set of badly designed sloped set of about 10-12 stairs. And all the way Baby Girl is squirming and crying and my maternity jeans which are a size too big are slipping and sliding slowly further and further down.

Stairs Down from My House
Stairs Up to the Car

Eventually, frustrated, wet with rain and sweat and out of breath from the stairs, I get to the car, retrieve the formula and head back to the house. I was able to get down the stairs coming from the car with minimal issues. By now the crotch of my pants however is falling dangerously low and I needed to waddle awkwardly to keep them from slipping further. I get to the steps leading up to my house and take a step with my right foot, an attempted step with my left foot and then everything turned into the MATRIX.
I knew I was falling. With Baby Girl in my right arm and the heavy bag of formula in my left my immediate reaction was to throw the formula away from me, wrap my left arm around Baby Girl's back and protect her head by wrapping it in the crook of my right elbow and smashing her poor little face into my neck/shoulder. And this is how we Three (Buzzy, my little Nameless and I) fell. Onto my shins, and directly onto my right elbow. Buzzy was scared and cried but for only a few seconds yet I kneeled there for some moments, assuring first that she was ok and then that neither my shins or elbow were broken. I'm not a small girl and the majority of the impact was on those three body parts. We were, are, fine. We were wet, in shock, shaken and I swollen and bruised, but fine. Not to mention my pants slid so far (taking my underwear with them) from the fall, I'm half thinking I mooned whoever might have been watching.

My Husband Says Stupid Stuff
Today I was informed by my husband (though I'm sure in his ignorance he had no idea it would offend me) that the highlight of his life thus far were the years he spent in high school with his friends. Gee, thanks Hun. Love you too!

My Camera is Here
And soon I will post my first pics. Stay tuned.






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