Monday, April 6, 2009

Worth A Thousand Dollars

So, I have recently (okay, for the past year or so) been exclusively using a keyboard on my old laptop that not only is starting to fail but that has also lost buttons due to my baby's curious fingers ripping them from the base. I so far have lost the A button and the CAPS LOCK button. I have attempted and failed to super glue, monkey glue, Elmer's glue, crazy glue and tape the buttons back into their original places on the keyboard. To no avail, they refuse to stay and when they do tease me and pretend as though they may take, then they either refuse to work at all or they work so well that every a looks like aaa and every few times I accidentally hit CAPS LOCK instead of Shift, my writings look LIke THIs.
But today, heavenly day that it was with the sun shining down on us, Buzzy in her first spring jump suit and me sweating profusely in my maternity clothes that have not yet morphed to Spring-wear, we went to Walmart and bought Mommy a wireless keyboard and mouse, which I am currently using and loving! Except for the fact that the space on my lap is ever reducing and therefore, as small as the nifty little keyboard is, it still slides awkwardly away from me and tries to fall off my knees onto the floor into baby-land where it would be lost forever!

I love sitting and watching Buzzy play with her Daddy. She is currently sitting with her little chubby legs fully extended in front of her throwing a miniature yellow ball back and forth between herself and her Daddy. Everytime he throws it to her she opens her mouth and inhales and exhales extremely rapidly with excitement.
And then I am completely disillusioned and my sweet little fantasy world is interrupted when not only does my husband randomly get up because he is suddenly deeply concerned that the sun is going to discolor his dart board, but because at that instant my new keyboard decides to stop working. I'm sorry but when you pay $50+ for an electronic that weighs less than a dollar bill an basically does even less, you expect that electronic device to function, and well. How frustrating that is.

Speaking of $1000, let me ask you. If you randomly had $1000 just sitting in your safe, (assuming you have a safe, LOL) and you had nothing else to do with it (and you didn't have any bills or debts to pay with it) what would you do with it??

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