Saturday, May 23, 2009

As of Late . . .

Not much and a whole lot has been happening at the same time, as of late. Lots of laundry (undone) lots of food (uncooked) lots of spongebob square pants (Buzzy's favorite cartoon which she affectionately calls Bubbub) lots of arguments (between Myturo and me - unsolved) lots of writing (working on it) lots of baby loving (never enough) lots of pregnancy stuff. You know, ultrasounds (technician didn't give me any pix. WTH?), gestational diabetes screenings (my results came back negative, so I don't have it), and of course other blood tests that show I'm anemic. Neat! So now I'm on what is supposed to be 2 iron supplements (ha, yeah right) but if I have too much constipation to just take 1, (haha, yeah right) I haven't even made it to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, let alone attempted to take these fabulous poop blockers. I'm so not excited. I'm already super constipated, and I feel fine. I don't want to take iron supplements.
Buzzy's two bottom teeth came in. After three agonizingly long, sleepless, crying filled (both Buzzy's and mine) nights. Buzzy has been saying new words, none of the English or Spanish variety. Words like Dada, Dado, Dadu and a whispered Pa-pa for my grandpa who she loves I think more than her real daddy. She says boo, for boo, poo for pooh bear, uh huh for no and uh oh for uh oh. She has FINALLY started feeding herself, food among other remnants of paper and fun things she finds in the carpet. I thought I was safe from this, as she had never ever put anything in her mouth, including food, before. But as soon as she started popping the food in by herself, she started popping the little pieces of paper, the hair and anything else she could find with her baby laser vision in the carpet.
Her first birthday is coming up on June 9th. Excited about that one. But not excited about the one year well check that follows with four shots. Yuck! Mommy hates shots, I think, even more than Buzzy does. Its traumatic and she won't remember, but I always will.
The sun has finally emerged and the pools are open. Yay! Can't wait for the day when I have enough energy to take Buzzy down to the pool.
I've been writing like a fiend. Hence not writing on blogger like a fiend. My fiction is coming along just fabulously. My mom and family give me random spurts of breaks for concentrated writing time. I hope to be finished with the book in about 6-8 months, but if it takes a year or longer, as long as I finish it, that is my goal. I am not even so intent on publishing it, as I am on just finishing it. Something I have only done once before in my life when I was much younger and didn't write as, well, well as I do now. Not to say that I am some great eloquent writer but I am more experienced and more verbally adept than when I was 14.
Besides other little trivial life details this is what has been going on with me. I wish I had more time to be able to write my book and write on blogger and keep up with my RLF (real life friends) and my OtIF (On the Internet Friends) and all the forums I used to frequent and give Buzzy sufficient care and attention, but I am just not so capable. So, I have dropped some time on blogger and other forums. I apologize. I hope to return again, soon. Sooner than later. Hope everyone is well!

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