Friday, May 1, 2009

Bankruptcy, Side Jobs & A New Chair

Given the status of our current economy (I hate paragraphs that start like that - means the whole article's gonna be boring - hopefully this one won't be too boring) Myturo and I have decided to file bankruptcy. Our outstanding credit card debt is phenomenal and his hours, while higher this week, are consistently getting lower and lower. Our bank account, our checkbook and our bills are suffering. So as soon as Little Nameless is born (potentially sooner) we will be filing. It is bittersweet but it will be a financial relief, if not only partially considering one of our loans is a personal one that bankruptcy can't won't cover.

Ok so, I lied.
That proved to be yet another boring paragraph starting with "given the status of our current economy . . ." - Sorry

On that note however, I have decided to TRY (try, because God knows it isn't easy) to do some sort of photography/scrapbooking home business. With Summer on the horizon, there are tons of local city and state fairs where I could exhibit my work and potentially get customers. I need to make no more (although more would be nice) and no less (because less wouldn't serve my purpose) than $700.00/month. I figure this means making anywhere between 3-7 scrapbooks a month, depending on the intricacy, detail and quantity of pages in the books. I can do that! Now I just need people who want me! LOL

And completely off topic, I am in the market for a chair. Not just any old chair either. An arm chair glider/or rocker that is big and soft and overstuffed. Something I could sleep in now and nurse / relax in after Little Nameless is born. Any suggestions on brands, stores, prices?? I can no longer sleep horizontally due to bad sciatica so a good comfy chair is called for.

On one more tangent. I need a haircut. Sympathize for me please, because I don't foresee being able to get one in the next decade. ((sigh))

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