Sunday, May 3, 2009


It has begun. The transformation. I suppose I should be grateful that I lasted this long. I'm pretty sure with Buzzy it started closer to 20 weeks. Well tomorrow I will be heading into my 27th week, so that is 6 more weeks I felt normal. Was normal. Acted normal (you know, as opposed to an invalid)

The swelling, as I stated in a previous post, started a couple nights ago. Now whenever I eat anything with a hint of sodium in it, my ankles and fingers swell to the point of discomfort. It's not pretty to have fingers that look like bratwurst and ankles when flexed that look like I have fat sleeves. So not cool.

In fact, on that note, I'm rather hot. Hot flashes have been plaguing me for a week or so now. As long as I am stationary and sitting I am fine, but God forbid you ask me to get up to make Buzzy a bottle or I need to use the restroom, or ((gasp)) I want to take a leisurely stroll gimp around the neighborhood, the waterworks start. And, no, I don't mean tears. I mean sweat. Buckets of sweat. That pour mainly from my face. I could probably rehydrate a draughted desert with all my sweat from those darn hot flashes.

And lastly, I can't stand quickly from a sitting position, and definitely can't get up from the floor without shooting sciatic pain. I can't sleep lying down because my newly heavy baby is pressing my spinal column. I can't sleep sitting up because, well, its just not comfy. I can no longer quickly roll from facing oppposite Buzzy to facing her if she needs me which makes mommy frustrated and prolongs Buzzys discontentment, frustrating mommy even more.

So the Materna-Morphises begins. Leaky nipples, achey back, painful sciatic, THE WADDLE, no energy all rolled up into MY body. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Come on Little Nameless, lets get cookin' and leave the kitchen, cuz mommy is sooo done!

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