Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Morning & Contact Link?

Sunday mornings used to be relaxing. I used to wake up of my own accord, possibly go to church or join my family afterward for a bite of breakfast. Then whatever was on the agenda was spontaneous and fun/or relaxing. Now-a-days I wake up because my husband likes to walk around scratching which sounds like thunder when you're fast asleep. I was then awoken again when my innocent unborn Little Nameless decided to inadvertently kick my cervix, several times. Ouch! And then once more when Buzzy woke. ((sigh)) Buzzy then promptly decided to give me a diaper present so messy, so stinky I thought she might implode from all the effort. Then my brain told me to do the same. Go implode! Ugh! So I did, and came up with some fairly decent plot ideas for my BIP (book in progress) because you all know how well I think on the toilet and now Buzzy is throwing a fit cuz she wants my phone. Poor Buzzy.

Also, I've posted it before but for anyone who would like to e-mail me, and doesn't already have my e-mail, it is:

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  1. I remember those diaper presents! I also wonder why kids love to play with cell phones so much. Hope you're feeling well and survive those cervix kicks. Thanks for the email. I'll drop you a note one of these days:)


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