Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Torn i/on the Birth Center

Last night as I went to use the restroom, I felt like I might be leaking fluid. If you've ever been pregnant, you know the sensation I'm talking about. That sensation of involuntarily peeing. In any case, I live directly across the street from one of the main hospitals and after confirming with a Labor & Delivery nurse that I should, I went in to make sure all was negative and well.
The purpose of my visit proved to be unecessary because my vaginal swab tested negative for amniotic fluid. (Funny, my cultures also tested negative when my waters had indeed broken with Buzzy, but that's another rant for another post at another time).
In any case, while the purpose of my visit proved needless it did provoke more aprehension in me. My current birth plan is as follows:

If I go into spontaneous labor before 39-40 weeks we will attempt a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) at the birth center where Buzzy was born, 13+ miles away, where hopefully my OB will be on-call and or working to attend the birth. She only regularly works out of this hospital, unfortunately for me and my family.

Should I go past 39 weeks my OB will check to see if my cervix is 'favorable' (effasing and/or dilating also known as thinning out and opening). If I am favorable she will induce me. If I am not I will push towards 40 weeks where she will check again to see if I am favorable. If so, induction will follow. If not a scheduled c-section will happen very near 40 weeks. Regardless of induction or section, either of these procedures will be performed at the hospital across the street because they will be scheduled and my OB will be able to put it on her calendar to be there or be square.

I am super nervous. I only trust MY OB. No one else. It was only a work of God that she was on call to save me Buzzy from something I don't even want to imagine. I really really want to deliver at the hospital across the street. The nurses are phenomenal. Its a five minute walk from my home which would be convenient for Myturo and whoever else is caring for Buzzy to bring her to visit me and her sister. But the chances of my OB being there without the birth being scheduled are nill to none. And my chances of making it to a scheduled date are also nill to none, what with the fact that I went into spontaneous labor two weeks early with Buzzy and I have a pre-term labor risk sitting on top of that because of the closeness in pregnancies.

I really DO NOT want to deliver at the other hospital. It's too far. The nurses aren't nice. Their equipment is antiquated and my experience from Buzzy's birth left me traumatized.

I'm scared. I suppose I need to leave it in God's hands. Please keep this next birth in your prayers! Thank you!


  1. Hey hun. Going to be keeping positive on my side that you will get the birth plan you want! :)

  2. I'll keep praying for you and the baby! Take care of yourself.

    On another note, I don't know how people are finding a way to contact you via email. I put my email address on my profile page. I'll ask around for you.


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