Monday, May 4, 2009

Videos of Myturo & Buzzy Dancing

Please excuse the darkness of the house. It is evening and we are trying to conserve if even a little light. (Actually, we just don't have that many lights in our frontroom - so it appears very dark) I hope you are able to see at least a little.

Daddy Asking Buzzy if She Wants to Dance

Dancing & Singing Together


  1. This is just too cute, too sweet. Thank you for sharing those! What a beautiful father-daughter moment, loved it!
    Sammi is getting to be such a big girl!

  2. ahahah i loved how the whole time sammi was trying to watch what was on tv!! SOOOOO CUTE!

  3. Priceless videos!!!! Arty made me tired watching him dance!!!! haha! Sammi looks so excited to 'dance' with daddy!!!!


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