Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revamped, Renamed, Renewed

I took the liberty to revamp (hence the new look), rename (hence the new url) and renew (hence the second post to be written two days in a row) my blog. I have surprisingly received a few e-mails asking me if I had stopped blogging completely (no, I have not) and a few others wondering if I was ill or otherwise indisposed (other than being almost 9 months pregnant, no, I'm not) So, I am going to attempt to post a few times a week to at least let me readers know I'm alive.

Now, to explain the revamp and rename. The revamp was simply because Buzzy is growing and no longer the cutesy tutesy little 10 month old that used to sit center stage at the top of my blog. Little Nameless will be joining us soon and considering my blog will include both my daughters it seemed silly to keep the layout the way it was. The rename was purely random. I liked the idea of calling my blog The Buzz (after Buzzy) but needed to include Little Nameless as well. In my family, because of how long it took for us to finally pick a name, everyone has been calling her Lessy (as in Name-less-y) Hence the name was born.

So for reference sake:
You can read my blog at:
You can e-mail me at:
You can reach me on twitter at: ontheborderx4 (until I am able to change that as well, in which case it will also be thebuzznless)
& you can text me, if you so wish at: 360-356-5920 (please don't call as I leave my phone on silent and won't receive it)

On one last note, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! May all the dad's who deserve this day enjoy it to it's fullest and all the slacker dad's realize that there are more important things in life than themselves. Most importantly their children, who without, they wouldn't be able to celebrate.


  1. Cool new look! Terrific layout. Happy Father's Day to your hubby :)

  2. Oh, it looks fantastic!!!!!! I'm so excited that you did this! Oh, and um, you're a Twilight fan as well??? oh geez... LOL NOw you just need to change your blog buttons for the new addy and images.... :-) I know, your to-do list is long enough! hahahaha! Sorry I'm just now checking. AF cramps got the best of me last night that the couch soothed me along with the heating pad. :-) Chat later!!!


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