Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Toilet Paper Fairy

Just a quick note to say, I haven't forgotten my pledge to update more often but there isn't much to update with.

Except that despite all Myturo's faults and as much as I complain sometimes, I have to admit that I am grateful for one thing. Last night I had used the remainder of the toilet paper in the master bathroom. Our nephews were spending the night and I was dressed inappropriately to go get another roll. UGH! I knew I would be going to the bathroom within the next hour and several times there after but I couldn't go get another roll without our nephews seeing me pass through the living room into the pantry where we keep our stash of toilet paper. But I didn't have to worry. My personal toilet paper fairy came home only a half hour later (after I was fast asleep with Buzzy) and replaced the empty toilet paper roll. Disaster and embarrassment avoided. I must say I am very proud to have my very own toilet paper fairy.

1 comment :

  1. Hey, I need one of those toilet paper fairies in my house. Wish I could get a "put the seat down" fairy for my bathroom too!


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