Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Idiot, She Understands You

Today, has been a good day. Other than our teenage nephew spending the night, we all went out to breakfast at IHOP where as usual Buzzy was the center of attention. We've been going to the same IHOP every morning that Myturo has off since before I was even pregnant with her and so in a way she has grown up there. The waitresses and hostesses love her, know her by name, entrust us to let her play with their manager keys and even celebrated her first birthday by surprising us with balloons and gifts. She has two favorite waitresses there (Jessica and Denise) who she looks forward to seeing everytime we go. I think she must think they are some long lost Aunts who live at the restaurant she loves.
Ever since she was born, there has never been a public outting when comments about her cuteness, big brown eyes, thick brown hair, beautiful dark skin or some like comment has been made. People can't help smile when they look at her and even chronic scowlers turn their frowns upside down, even if only momentarily, at the sight of her.
So, because of all this attention she recieves I've always wondered how I was going to keep her from becoming a conceited little brat. And today one of my worst fears came true. Instead of just smiling and acting cute as someone complimented her 'cuteness' she vigorously nodded her head in agreement. When someone else asked her, aww aren't you beautiful? she did it again, nodding vigorously negating all thoughts of a coincidence in my head. I don't want her to agree with people. I want my daughter to be humble and modest. I don't want her to think her $h*t doesn't stink. I know too many kids like that these days.
So on the subject of her finally understanding the compliments that get flung her way on a regular basis, I have to say I am quite proud of her english/spanish comprehension. She understands and obeys very well (even if that does make her sound like a dog) But with comprehension comes free will and boy does my little girl have some wicked free will. I have to admit that currently I find it quite comical when I ask her to give me something or not to do something and she plops herself down on her diaper, throws her arms up in the air and down into her lap and shakes her head, all the while crying Mumum, Mumum (thats what she calls me) I am sure my amusement will soon pass. Maybe I'm still mystified by the fact she calls me Mumum. It's so stinkin' cute.
One other thing she understands alllll too well, is the word bath and shower. She doesn't say shower yet, but bath is bap and regardless of the time of day she wants her bap. Loves her bap. Gets completely out of control upset if she doesn't get her bap. LOL If I'm alone in the house and going potty she crawls into the bathroom and pulls herself on the tub and insists she gets a bap. I can only get out of it by consoling her with SBSP (spongebob square pants) or if he's not on letting her bang on my laptop. Spoiled stinker. Apparently Myturo didn't know her level of comprehension though and while he was taking care of her, randomly asked if she wanted to take a shower. Let's just say all hell broke loose. She couldn't understand why he would ask that if he wasn't planning on following through. It took quite a while to calm the poor thing down. ((sigh))
As for other fun updates on Miss Buzzy Love as I call her, her favorite cartoon is Spongebob Square Pants and requests that I sing the theme song on a regular basis by saying, Mumum Bob and proceeding to bob her head, shimmy her shoulders and sings bobobobob. LOL She also like Ruby & Max, The Backyardigans, and loves the theme songs to all the big kid shows like iCarly and Drake & Josh (or whatever that show is called) My little girl LOVES music. There are certain songs like The Motions and any song by Eros Ramazotti where she will stop whatever it is she is doing and rock out until the song is over. She also likes, Ice Ice Baby, and Push it by Salt N Peppa. I'll have to see if I can get a video of it.
Starting yesterday I have been having lots and lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions. I am hoping this is a sign that I will go into labor within the next few weeks. These BH contractions are not comfy, even bordering on painful, but they aren't regular and they aren't long enough. UGH! Tomorrow is my 33 week OB appointment and I will be discussing induction and/or C-section with my OB.
And on that note, we are going to go get sushi. MMM... Love me some sushi. I'll be back tomorrow to update on my appointment. Until then, tata!


  1. Off topic... I tried to get your blog button but whenever I right click on your blog, anywhere for that matter, it tells me I can't... So disable your right click button!

  2. Buzzy does sound like a cutie pie! I'm sure everyone loves to say her praises. So sweet that she's a favorite at IHOP. My daughter loves to sing the ICarly theme song. Funny how they get such a kick out of music. Hope your doctor's appointment goes well. I know that those Braxton Hicks contractions can hurt:) Enjoy your sushi.

  3. Hope your appointment goes well

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