Sunday, July 5, 2009

24 Hours from Hell to Heaven

On the second of July I started contracting. I had been contracting for weeks but the contract ions were mild, pressure that were very irregular and not very noticeable. On the second, I started getting a upside down U shaped burning sensation in my fundus (upper uterine area) and tightenings that were spaced 3-4 minutes apart. I decided I would not go to labor and delivery because all they would do was put me on the monitors, assure Little Nameless' safety and health and send me home.
On the third, I could no longer stand the pain/intense pressure although it was nothing compared to real labor (like I had with Buzzy) and decided to go ahead and go in. Thank God I did because my blood pressure was 181/91 (can we say hypertensive?) and I was running a low grade fever. After being checked by the fabulous doctor on call (Dr. H) - (not dilated and 3cm still in length) he decided to monitor LN, monitor my contractions, and give me some blood pressure medications that was supposed to help with the contractions as well as lower my BP.
They then took a urine sample to test for proteins in my urine (which would have been bad because that shows liver dysfunction). That came back negative which is good.
They then gave me an IV to hydrate me (it has been so stinkin' hot and I am not good about drinkin' my water) - ( and it took three very painful attempts to locate a good vein and thread the catheter correctly because either my veins were small, or the catheter hit a valve. Now my forearms and hands are bruised because of it) and they took several vials of blood to do a panel and try to eliminate pre-eclampsia as I had also been having sparkle vision (you know when you see little lights all around in your vision?) and bad headaches. I was told if I did have pre-e, I would probably be delivering via c-section that day which scared and excited me. Eventually, though (like 2 hours later) the blood work came back negative as well, (I must admit I was just a tad disappointed as I was day dreaming about my little girl being born, even though I know it was too early) but my contractions continued. The nurses had me sit down, lie down, walk around but nothing helped to relieve the contractions.
And so the doctor decided to keep me over night. My beautiful, wonderful, ever so patient sister (which is saying something considering she's 16) decided to stay with me and so we watched movies (between me grimacing in pain from both the headaches that never waned and the contractions) read books and talked. It was nice. I love spending time with her.
The next morning they monitored LN again, who took almost two hours to get the necessary accelerations (heart beat rises and drops) to satisfy the nurses and doctor. My contractions continued. But my blood pressure by this time had lowered significantly to a normal 119/56. My headache persisted. The doctor came in around noon to check me again, saying my cervix had shortened by a very minuscule amount but was still super high and closed. Baby's head was starting to enter my pelvis and after he checked me I started contracting more often and more painfully. UGH!
I was sent home on limited activity (as in no cleaning or washing or picking up Buzzy) and instructed to see my doctor on Monday for a follow up. I honestly wish I had done this sooner if I had known the outcome. My family has been flocking to my home to see me, to help, to play with Buzzy, to hold her and change her and take care of her for me (since I am unable to hold her) They are making arrangements for LN's birth and helping me reorganize my house, wash baby clothes, and just get ready in general. Everyone is coming for dinners now at my house and the company is just so fabulous. I wish it could be like this all the time. I feel very pampered and very blessed.
I am still contracting regularly and more painfully, but thank God my headache is gone. My blood pressures have been marginally high. (My uncle who once studied to be a nurse and suffered from high blood pressure had a cuff at home that he is letting me borrow). I suppose we will see what my doc, or whatever doc I see on Monday if she isn't available says about what will happen next.
I wish I had more time to elaborate more. But I am determined to help as much as my instruction for 'limited activity' allows which means I will be folding baby clothes and putting them away etc etc. So there is the update. Let's pray we have a baby in the next couple weeks.


  1. You've been through so much already! I'll keep praying for you and the baby. Stay strong, you'll have your little sweetie soon!

  2. I agree, you stay rested and enjoy the pampering! :)


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