Friday, July 3, 2009

A Bit of Death, A Bit of Life

The last several days have been trying. In short, my step-father's father who is like a real grandfather to me had a stroke while being rehabilitated for a pace maker he had put in. He has been severely ill off and on and for the last three years has been on the verge of death so many times that we thought for sure this would be the time to 'do him in'. Thankfully, and also sadly for him because he continues to suffer, he is getting stronger. His speech is no longer very slurred, his face is not as saggy and he is regaining mobile function. I don't understand why God allows a good man to suffer such humility. He has had issue after issue, falls often up and down stairs, can no longer work and basically sits like an 'aware vegetable' at home with a nurse to feed and bathe him. He is a very proud man and it kills me to know he continues to suffer.
On another note, I have been contracting again and again and am thinking that if this baby doesn't come a ton sooner than she is expected, I may very well go looney tunes. It's no fun contracting 2+ times an hour (sometimes painfully and sometimes not) knowing that it is doing nothing and I still potentially have 4 more weeks to go. I am hopng I go into spontaneous labor right at 37 weeks which would only give me 2 more weeks. That sounds more reasonable. In any case, that is my update. Buzzy is complaining that I am not paying attention to her though so off I go to do my motherly duties. Until next time.

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