Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day of SpongeBob and Pool Hopping

Updated Post:

As I write this I am contracting. No, not the knuckle whitening painful kind, but the annoying, menstrual cramping kind that you just cannot decide if it is real or not. I have counted about 10-13 minutes between them. Neat. Just long enough to not be productive, right? LOL

Anyway, today was good all in all. We went swimming, had a great lunch, napped, showered and attended a family birthday party. Buzzy tanned beautifully while out at the pool and Mama burned beautifully. Yeah, nothin' like adding salt to the wounds. LOL

Tomorrow (if I am not in the hospital, which I keep praying for) my sister will be babysitting visiting Buzzy and I so that my grandma can have a break. Poor woman has given up a good part of her free time, her alone time, her time off work and her time to be with my grandpa to be with Buzzy and I in our my time of need. God Bless her!!

Not much else is going on in the Portillo household. Nope, not much at all. And so I leave you with Buzzy's favorite song.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Absorbent and yellow and porous is he...
If nautical nonesense be something you wish ...
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish ...


Original Post:

Here I am. 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant. That means I have today and tomorrow and then I'm considered full term. FULL TERM! Okay, as much as I want this little one out it seems to final to say I am FULL TERM. Granted, I am so excited still and am praying she makes it out sooner than later. My Braxton Hicks contractions are still there but are so irregular. I am waiting for my mucous plug to come out. It came out somewhere around 37 weeks with Buzzy. I wonder if it will do the same with LN.

Yesterday, due to the horrendous heat wave, we went swimming in the big pool and Buzzy LOVED it! She is definitely a water baby. My happy-go-lucky-hip-shaking-Spongebob-singing-bathtime-loving-water baby. She didn't want to get out, just like she never wants to get out of the bathtub and she got a tan (cuz of her Mexican melanin...LOL)(cuz of her beautiful olive colored skin) even though she was doused with layers of sunscreen. I must also say she is currently in her glory because Spongebob is her favorite cartoon ever and three days of it is on Nickelodeon for the Spongebob Sponge Bash celebration of his birthday. She doesn't even miss Dora, or Diego or on other channels, Manny or Tigger & Pooh.

Today we are going swimming again. I guess if nothing else, if I can't give birth, I can at least go weightless for a couple hours in the chlorine smelling goodness. Although it's a pain in the @$$ butt to get out of the pool and feel like I suddenly weight 1000 lbs significantly more than when I entered the water. LOL And today my mom has the whole day off so I am excited that she may join us as well. (Us being my gramma, my aunt, my cousin, Buzzy and myself)

I will be back to update on the days events. That is IF there is anything to update on. Maybe I'll take pictures. And then again, maybe I won't. We'll see! Until then . . .

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  1. The pool is a great idea. We're watching Spongebob right now:) Feel good!


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