Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Dessert Analogy

Ok, so you guessed it. I was unable to keep my goal of saving my 100th post for the birth of my daughter. Oh well. Such is life. I did think of a topic though, as I was sitting (and remain sitting) waiting for labor to begin. An analogy popped into my head, that I thought I would share with you. After posting my 'opinionated post' the other day I received a couple comments and several e-mails thanking me for saying what 'everyone was thinking'. So, I thought I might elaborate . . . with an analogy.

You see, today my sister was eating pie and randomly, my analogy was born. Here it goes:


This is a traditional piece of cheesecake. (Yes I know I said she was eating pie but cheesecake fit the bill much better.) In any case, most people have tried cheesecake and many like it. It has most of the characteristics people look for in a dessert. A good solid foundation that won't fall apart before it gets to your mouth, sweet, rich, dense, filling and satisfying. Many people don't like cheesecake, (such as myself) but even not liking it, one must admit it is a classic dessert, liked by the majority (not the minority)regardless of it's plain exterior.


This is a piece of chocolate silk pie. Another popular dessert, less commonly ordered and less commonly liked. While a much more appealing sight to behold, unlike the cheesecake it's foundation (made of crumbled oreos) is much less solid, crumbling and flaking on it's way to your mouth. The filling is not dense but incredibly light, airy, extremely sweet, and not generally filling while very possibly satisfying for a person with 'lighter tastes'. Many people do like chocolate silk pie. Many people do not. But in order to like it, you would not only need to want for the characteristics above, but you would need to like chocolate as well.

Obama is like the chocolate silk pie. He is very possibly more appealing on the exterior than your average republican/democratic candidate. Very possibly satisfying to some, who agree with him and his policies but his foundation is weak, flakey and dark. His filling is airy, empty and you have to like the ingredients to be able to enjoy him and his 'tendencies' when he speaks or acts. He comes off extremely sweet but leaves you generally unfulfilled. The rest of our presidents (Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon etc) no matter how poor or good a president they were, were all Cheesecake presidents with good solid foundations, and dense satisfying fillings.


This is a glass of chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk. Smooth and rich and creamy. I am drinking a glass now in fact. But I only love it as my dessert with my Cheescake. (remember, I don't like cheesecake) Not in my white house as my president.
(Because in my opinion, Obama is worse than chocolate silk pie. He is just a tall glass of chocolate milk, no nutrients to speak of, too much sugar and pointless to drink except for the taste, who is gonna flush our fabulous country down the toilet.)

Says I


  1. That's a good analogy. Very clever! Congrats on 100 posts.

  2. :) Interesting!

    Hey before you pop little nameless out, go check my blog, I gave you an award



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