Wednesday, July 22, 2009

. . . And the Thunder Rolls . . .

The expression, 'when it rains, it pours' couldn't be more true than right now in my family. There is so much going on right now it is ALMOST comical, but not quite.

Let's see.

First of all, as I have already mentioned, my Papa Jim is still not in the clear. I have been told he is doing better but remains in rehab (I think) and who knows if he will live out the remainder of his days there or if he will eventually go home. Honestly, neither is a real way to live out the rest of ones life. One is among strangers, while the other is alone with family who lives only a couple houses away but doesn't take the initiative to come visit. (It's true. Some family are in such denial about his age and illnesses that they actually refuse to do anything about making his last days memorable, comfortable and nice) It is so very sad.

On top of that one of my family on the Greek side passed away a few weeks ago and now come to find out, his wife (whether by accident or suicide, we aren't sure) was found dead in her pool. (OMG!) She had multiple sclerosis and was pretty much wheelchair bound. She had recently broken her arm and wore a cast. My gramma said that when she was first diagnosed with MS she claimed nothing helped her feel better than to take a swim. So we aren't sure if in an attempt to feel better, or in an attempt to take her own life she tried to get in the pool while she was alone. So so very sad.

Another family member, George, has a very dangerous blood clot behind his clavicle. He was taking blood thinners to try to disintegrate the clot but it didn't work and now they are worried that they might have to do emergency surgery in order to keep it from dislodging and moving toward his heart. (OMG again!)

My mom is having surgery for her gall stones this Friday. They aren't sure and won't be sure if it will be done as a laproscopic surgery or a full blown one. Regardless, her recovery time will be between 2 weeks and 1 month. The important thing is that they are able to remove whatever is necessary and that she comes out of it will and healthy without any repercussions.

And lastly, and probably least, is me. No I don't have anything wrong with me. No blood clots, no gall stones, no strokes and I'm certainly not dying (but I may say differently when I'm in the throes of labor... LOL) but I am ready to give birth and with everything else going on it seems insignificant and trivial. (sigh)

And the thunder rolls . . .

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