Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Growth Scan


There isn't much new to report except for the fact that my child is huge slightly larger than we expected. She is estimated to weigh between 6.5 and 7.5lbs already and I am hoping beyond all possibility that I go into labor sooner than later now so I still have the option of a VBAC.
She was slightly transverse, with her read resting on my pelvic bones instead of inside of them, so the prayer that she might be engaged was not answered, but I expected as much. The ultrasound tech tried to get a pic for me but the best he could do was the backside of her head and her back, which I cannot even truly make out in the photo, so it really isn't worth posting.
I have no more ultrasounds scheduled, so the countdown has begun. Will I go into labor or will I have my c-section in 3 weeks 4 days time? Either way, within a month my LN will be here. Yay!
I hope I can survive that long with this massive heartburn, all the contractions that still plague me, and not being able to hold my baby chunk-a-munk-a-love due to instruction for limited activity. That part bites the big one.

*If you haven't already voted for her time and date of birth for a chance to win a $20 gift card, please do so in my left side bar.

- On another note, my Papa Jim, who had a stroke, seemed to have been getting better and the hospital discharged him and sent him back to rehabilitation. (dumb people) Now he is thought to have pneumonia. Will the stupidity of these "Kaiser" doctors never end? The man has had cardiac arrest, a pacemaker put in, a mini-stroke and now is thought to have pneumonia all in the span of less than three weeks and they just keep sending him to the hospital, discharging him and sending him back to rehab. When will they understand that in the hospital is where he belongs so they can monitor him, regardless of if he seems to be doing better. Obviously he is not because it is one thing directly after the next that keeps him being transported back and forth. It is sooo frustrating! So prayers would be greatly appreciated. Prayers for peace for my family and peace for my grandfather, whether it be here on earth or up in heaven, but peace regardless.

Original Post:

Today I am having my 35 week growth scan. Myturo was supposed to watch Buzzy while my grandma took me (as I am having a harder and harder time driving) but apparently he came home with a migraine of sorts and so now Buzzy will be going with us. Not ideal, considering the whole point was so that my grandma could enjoy the ultrasound but its ok. Hopefully Buzzy will behave.
I am becoming progressively more uncomfortable with the passing of each day. I have to pee about every twenty minutes and the pelvic pressure I feel is absolutely insane. So I am praying that aside from telling me that LN looks healthy and more proportionate (belly wise) that they'll tell me she's not only head down (because she is) but that her head has entered my pelvis and possibly engaged. I know, I know, it's early but a desperate mama can hope. I have been doing pelvic exercises on a yoga ball to try to coerce her to drop further. We'll see if that works. I will return later today with an update and possibly pics.
*On another note, Myturo and I obviously did nothing to speak of in the sense of attempting to ripen my cervix because of his headache but maybe (again, a mama can pray) tonight?

*Sorry Court, once again.

In any case, I will be back after my appointment to update as I said. Until then . . .

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  1. Good luck! I'm hope things are progressing well. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good for you for doing those pelvic exercises.


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