Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heavenly Soap


I am not sure why, but Irish Spring soap and I have fallen in love with each other. I cannot get enough of this smell. I could stand in the shower soaping myself or in front of the sink with the water running and washing my hands for hours breathing in this smell. Anyone know of an "Irish Spring Soap Smellers Anonymous"? LOL

If you've never smelled this soap, you need to go to your local supermarket now and buy a bar. It is absolutely the most fabulous soap smell ever. Then again, it could be that I feel this way because of being pregnant and my smell/tastes being way out of wack. LOL

In any case, as of right now, Irish Spring Soap and I are having a love affair. Sshh! Don't tell Myturo.

1 comment :

  1. LOL, as long as you aren't eating it! :) But I know what you mean. (not the soap) But I found this lotion that I'm totally in love with!


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