Monday, July 20, 2009

Impatience of a Pregnant Mama

It's really sad when you spend your days hoping for labor, trying to find ways to put yourself into labor and wondering if you are in labor.

It's really sad when you look at your one year old who is playing quietly on the floor and all you can think about is your birth experience with her and how at the time it seemed so easy. (Haha yeah right)

It's really sad when every twinge and every ache makes you jump up and down (figuratively because as of now with this baby's huge head in your pelvis that is quite literally impossible) in anticipation of labor.

And it's really sad when you stare across the street
(because that's where the hospital is, *like literally across the street)
^^^^^^^^^ SEE ^^^^^^^^^^^
longingly wishing you were there instead of your comfy home.

Yes, this is all very sad.
Pathetic really.
But it is my life.

1 comment :

  1. Well, I'm glad that the hospital is across the street. That's convenient:) I know it must be tough, but you're so, so close! I'm thinking of you and baby... Buzzy too!


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