Friday, July 24, 2009

Jambalaya of Thoughts

Today was my mom's gallbladder surgery. Our prayers were answered and she was able to have it done laproscopically (sp?) So, she is at home now, doing remarkably well regardless of the fact that she appears about as pregnant as me with her poor belly all inflated with gas. UGH! But she is in great spirits and on a good disage of oxycodone. (I remember that stuff from my section with Buzzy. The stuff is wicked...LOL)

Today was so stressful though. Everyone was on pins and needles due to the surgery. And of course everyone was praying that I in turn did not go into labor, including myself. My poor grandparents and aunt were up from early this morning getting things situated and comfortable and in order so my mom didn't have to worry about anything. My poor gramma took on way more than her share of responsibility, not only taking care of Buzzy and myself but my cousin, cleaning her house, doing her laundry, making everyone lunch, mowing the lawns, letting out my Aunt's dog, trying to get dinner preparations settled so my grandpa didn't have to when he got home. It was definitely trying and stressful for her. Dinner in and of itself was comical with people running back and forth out of the dining room, into the den to see if my mom was okay, if she needed anything etc. I had requested some Hazelnut coffee for dessert and apparently the package that my sister bought contained stale beans or something because my grandpa (due to all the stress I'm sure) would not let it go that the coffee was rank. Three hours after dinner was done he was still goin' on and on about how disgusting the coffee was and how he was going to take it back and get something that tasted halfway decent. My poor sister. She just wanted to make her sister happy by getting her some coffee... LOL. I felt so bad. As if she didn't get haranged enough by my overly stressed grandpa today. Jeez.

Due to all the stress of the day I have been contracting more, and more painfully as well. But I am not getting my hopes up that it is anything new because I know that if I do, it for sure won't be. Murphey's law right? My BIP is suffering because of this waiting period we are on waiting for LN to be born. I can't concentrate to write and even if I could, I have no inspiration. UGH!

Hmmm, any other news? I don't think so. I am hoping to save my 100th post for LN's birth so if I can abstain that long (cuz we aren't sure how long that would be) I won't be writing again until I have photos to share. If she hangs on tight and isn't born until the third by scheduled c-section, I may just have to give up the 100th post dream and come back to write out of sheer boredom. LOL

So until then, until soon. Pray I go into labor please.

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  1. Glad that your mom's surgery went well! Hope labor comes soon:)


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