Monday, July 27, 2009

Prayers for Stellan

I cannot even imagine what Mckmamma over at is feeling having to, yet again, go to Boston to try to keep her son well. I look at my little angel, Buzzy, and I cannot thank God enough for allowing her to be healthy. I, a much weaker person than I imagine Mckmamma to be, don't think I would be able to handle the stress and the emotional pain of watching my child endure what Stellan has endured with as much grace and reverence to God.
That being said, I would like to pull all my readers and their friends who do pray into a prayer circle.

Lord, I know that we are ultimately yours and that our babies are temporary gifts from you to us on this earth. I know you have a master plan that is much bigger and much more grandiose than any of us could possibly begin to fathom. I know that you knew Stellan before he was in his mommy's womb, as he grew and developed the arrhythmia that he suffers from, and as he was born alive and thriving, proving our human doctors wrong. With you all is possible. You know what is yet to come and why. I lift Jennifer (Mckmamma) her husband and her three other children up to you in this time of despair and uncertainty. Comfort her in her pain, that only a mother can feel at the sight of a sick or hurting child. Let her feel your presence, cradle her in your arms and let her know that you are doing the same for her baby. Assure her that your hand on his sick little body is more comfort, and has more healing power than any doctor could possibly offer. And ultimately, Lord, let your will be done and give her peace that this is so because you love her, you love Stellan and you do have a plan for us all.

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