Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm pissed. And for those of you who read, who have been in my place, and maybe even those of you who haven't but have been in a similar situation, maybe you can sympathize. I saw my OB today. She checked my cervix, told me it was still long, closed etc. No, this is not what I am pissed about, although it would have made me happier if she had at least told me my cervix was softening. But, alas, no such words escaped her mouth. Long and closed were the only two. (sigh)
So, I read somewhere that semen is high in prostaglandins and that by having sex, the prostaglandins can soften and ripen the cervix, naturally. I thought I would seduce my husband tonight. But unfortunately, he is holding some kind of grudge against me about three weeks ago when he 'wanted some' and I wasn't in the mood. So, he is on strike and I am PISSED. Not only do I feel jipped at making any possible attempts to soften my cervix but I also feel rejected as a woman.
Now being hugely pregnant, whalish even, and feeling so unntractive is bad enough. Does he really have to be so mean and add salt to the wounds as to deny me? Jeez! What a jerk. In any case, I had to vent somewhere, so here it shall be.

*Court, I know you read this and I apologize. LOL I know these are things you just don't want to read. But I love ya!

PS: Baby Belly at 35 Weeks


  1. Ah that does suck!!! Well tell him you will go go a semen shot some where else LOL ;)

  2. Hubbys pick the wrong time not to be "in the mood". Love the belly photo :)


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