Sunday, July 19, 2009

To, or Not To, That is the Question

Updated Post

Explain to me this:
I call the oncall doctor to explain my contractions. I imagine she will tell me that they sound like Braxton Hicks and to wait till they are closer, more regular and painful.

But no. She tells me to go into labor and delivery because and I quote "those don't sound like Braxton Hicks to me."

So I go in. They put me on the monitor. They take pee that they never actually check. They get LN's heartbeat. Fabulous. They get my contractions. 2 MINUTES APART! But mild. And then . . . they send me home.

Explain this to me please. UGH!
It wasn't like I lied to the doctor. I told her they were mild. I told her they were about 10 minutes apart. I had no idea they were only 2 minutes apart. And then they send me home? Wahhhhhhhhh! <--- that is all I have to say about that.

Original Post

I am contracting. There is no doubt about that. The question is, why are they getting more intense but not closer together at times, and others they are super close together but feel like nothing? Kinda frustrating. And yet while I sleep (or attempt to sleep) I have some that are so intense that I wake myself groaning. UGH!

It's 4:19am here. I have had 2 contractions in 5 minutes. Not very intense, so will continue to monitor for a bit before I attempt sleep again. I wish everything about baby making, and baby birthing and baby raising were as cut and dry as they portray it on TV and in the movies. Life would be so much more simple. Granted, a lot more dull, but so much more simple.

My nose is burning. My . . . I'm having another mild contraction as we speak. This one only 3 minutes after the last. The problem is, like I said, that the ones that are close together are super mild. UGH! In any case, as I was saying, my sunburn is making me sweat even though I'm a bit chilled and it is already starting to itch. I hope it doesn't peel. Sun burns are noooo fun. But of course it would be me who forgets three key angles on my body when applying sunblock, or as my gramma calls it, body sauce. LOL

Another contraction, already? wow. I'm impressed, but I'd be more impressed if it was more intense. I think maybe I will start timing their duration. They don't seem to last very long either, making me think they're still crumby braxton hicks contractions. Again, so not cool.

OK, so just for fun I will describe what my contractions feel like. Generally they start in my nether regions (like a pressure like I have to go #2) and slowly escalate into my pelvis which feels more like menstrual cramps and then grows and tightens around my whole abdomen. Sometimes it even reaches around my back. The only difference, as I said before, is that some are mild, like the ones I am feeling now. And others are intense and more painful.

Like this one. It feels like a balloon being blown up from my hooha into my pelvis, the pressure growing and intensifying, and then slowly being deflated until I don't feel anything anymore. Weird. I wish I could get some concrete answers. Like if there was a machine you could buy to self monitor and it would say, "Hello Buzzy's Mama, you are currently having Braxton Hicks contractions. There is no need to go to labor and delivery yet." OR more preferably, "Hello Buzzy's Mama, you are currently in the early stages of labor. Please wait until your contractions are (this far apart) before proceeding to your closest birth center." LOL Now wouldn't that be nice?

Ok, I'm done babbling. Off to google some stuff, finish the hours worth of contraction counting and possibly head off to bed again. Pray for me!

And just for shits & giggles, here are the times of my contractions:
4:58am <-- Aw Man! They're spacing out!
5:08am <--- Double AW man! UGH! Back off to bed, I go.
5:19am <--- Whatever . . . (had a contraction as I was posting the darn update. Bleck!)

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