Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Stand Corrected

It was pointed out to me tonight by my mom and my sister that it is not simply 'Irish Spring Soap', that I have taken such a obsession with liking to. No, that would be far to simple. You see, apparently there are different flavors of Irish Spring soap and it was pointed out to me that the Original Irish Spring Soap is green. Plain green. Such as this:


Well, my soap is not green, but blue with crystals. So come to find out, I am NOT in love with Irish Spring soap. I am in love with Irish Spring Moisture Blast with Hydrocrystals soap. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a picture. Poo. LOL

On a different note, a few people have asked me if I have PICA. The answer is no. I have never ACTUALLY been tempted to taste the soap or the lemon pledge. Scouts Honor - Even though I have never been a scout. LOL

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  1. I love the new header!!! ;-) So adorable!


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