Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nameless' Birth Story

Much to my dismay, August 3rd came without so much as a super painful contraction or any water leaking let alone breaking. So at 10am I was headed off to the hospital. I had already had blood drawn earlier that week and all the paperwork had been filled out prior to the day so all I had to do was get in and get prepped. I was supposed to be prepped in triage but there were two women in the two triage rooms already so I was taken to where I would recover alongside the operating room. The first thing they did was strap me up with the belts to monitor Breezy and contractions. I was contracting just enough that I felt uncomfortable and with the nerves and anxiety of what was about to happen I was not the happiest camper. But the nurse was funny and had a good sense of humor. The first thing she did was give me a warming gown. This gown is made of vinyl with a hose attachment that can either blow in cool or warm air. Needless to say, moments later I was the biggest puff-a-lump you'd ever seen lying there with my vinyl gown all inflated around me. Not to mention the air hose was right in my girlie parts and a cold wind tunnel is an understatement of how that felt. BTW sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I had to take pix with my phone of the photos that were already developed.
No, that is not all me...lol... this is the hose gown...
Posted Image
Next the nurse attempted to put in my IV. Being that she was the head nurse I would have thought she would have been able to do just fine, but she ended up sticking the needle half in and half out of my vein causing the surrounding tissues to build with fluid. Finally my anesthesiologist came in to talk to me, saw the problem and reinserted my IV into my hand. It was much more comfortable there.
This is the bruise left behind after the swelling of the fluid in my arm tissue went down:
Posted Image
I asked him while I had the chance (even though I had been told time and time again, no) if my mom could be present during my spinal. Without hesitation he said sure and I was elated because the impending doom of the spinal was forefront in my mind. Meanwhile while I have mini anxiety attacks imagining the huge needles, they are still poking and prodding me, testing my blood sugars, cleaning and shaving the area where the incision will be. I am so happy my mom was able to be there because I would have been freaking out already if she hadn't been there. I couldn't help but shed a few helpless, exhausted and nervous tears if though she was there, so her absence would have been horrific.
Finally the time came to go into the operating room. Dun dun dun dun. They were still putting the table together when we walked in so I stood there in my fashionable drapes gown until everything was set. They had me sit on the side of the bed, with my mom standing in front of me. I am so glad she was there. What happened next would not have been tolerable if she hadn't been there. The anesthesiologist cleaned my back and gave me the first numbing shot. It actually wasn't that big of a deal. I had built it up so much in my mind that it was a cinch. Then he placed one of the spinal needles. I felt tingles all down my right side. This occurred three more times (three more numbing needles, three more poorly placed spinals with increasingly larger gauged needles) Then I thought I would die. With one of the needles he must have hit a nerve. From my dazed, numbed and increasingly frantic point of view this is what I felt. I felt the numbing shot. The pressure of the spinal needle and then as if it had slipped out of his hand and sprayed cold cold fluid all over my left leg, and then immediately set a torch to my thigh and set it on fire. I was crying for them to wipe off whatever was on my leg. That it was burning, but they assured me there was nothing on my leg and kept asking me if the burning was subsiding.
From my mom's point of view, she said that above all the doctors masks all she could see were their eyes and none of them seemed to understand what was going on. She said she watched as needle after needle was attempted and set aside on a tray. I had thought there were only 5 numbing attempts and 5 spinal attempts but from what my mom says there were many more. I must have blocked them out or felt so numb, I didn't notice. Finally, with the largest gauge needle (the one he said had the most potential for the side effects of a spinal headache) the anesthesiologist was able to place the spinal. This is the aftermath of so many shots.
Posted Image
Immediately my bottom began to to feel warm and tingly, my legs did too and soon everything from my chest down was warm and heavy and tingly. I couldn't feel my chest cavity to breathe so I had to concentrate heavily on deep slow breaths. They tested the effects of the spinal and began the surgery. My mom sat at my head and we talked and she tried to comfort me as I was still having mini anxiety attacks from not being able to feel my own breathing. Then they announced that Breezy would be born soon and my mom took a couple pictures
Posted Image
and went to stand with the pediatric nurse while they cleaned and did all they needed to do with her. In the end it was fairly anti climatic in lue of all that had just happened prior but I was ecstatic that my baby girl was born. I cried and then promptly fell asleep under the influence of the heavy anesthesia.


  1. Thank God you and the baby got through all of that. That spinal was horrible for you. I never heard of that warming gown before. I bet it felt kind of weird. Thanks for the story and the photos. I was wondering how you were doing. Hope you are resting when you can.

  2. I'm sorry you had to have another section, but glad Briana is here safe & healthy, and glad you are doing well. Crazy about the spinal, mine was a piece of cake, I honestly didn't even feel the needle. I too had panic attacks though about the numb feeling, its something else, right? Once I stopped thinking about the fact I couldn't feel or move anything, the panic subsided. Ahh, fun times. Anyway, congratulations, she is absolutely beautiful!!! How is Sammi liking her new little sister?


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