Friday, September 11, 2009

BIP (Book In Progress) Update

As I have written before, I am currently writing a book. I am now close if not half way done with it. I hope to be writing query letters to publishers and sending out portions of my manuscripts by February 2010. I don't have any expectations. I can't imagine that with all the incredibly creative minds out there that mine would be the next book to be chosen to be published but I will never know until I try.

I know I haven't really described what I am writing about but that is for the safety of my ideas. I don't want anyone going and stealing them. (not that I'm tooting my own horn and saying they're fabulous -- just saying IN CASE someone think they're fabulous I want to make sure they know they are my original ideas) I will say however that the genre is fantasy fiction and if possible I would like to break the tale up into three books. I have ideas for their titles. One set of ideas I cannot divulge as it would give away some of my 'original ideas' that I don't want stolen, but another set of ideas are THE SNAKE, THE CROSS AND THORNS.

In other news, Buzzy and Lessy are doing fabulously although I think Buzzy is starting to go through the terrible ones. She pitches fits at everything. Oh well. What's a mom to do?

Myturo is coming home from Mexico tomorrow. Whoop-dee-friggin-doo. **Actually I am kinda excited because that means someone can watch Buzzy and Lessy for me a couple hours a day while I get some writing done.
And that's all for now folks. Until the next spare second I have.

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