Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twilight Obsessed and Fiction Dependent

So I think I should talk about Twilight. Okay, it has been almost 5 years since the first book was released, more than a year since the first movie and nearly 6 months since I was introduced to the Saga. Part of me wishes I never had been. I have become a hormonal teenager all over again. Robert Pattinson does not exist. No, he is Edward Cullen a deep mysterious vampire that I cannot help but swoon over.
Uh HELLO! I’m nearly 25 years old. This is so not normal!
In fact, I buy posters and teeny bopper magazines with his photos in them and give them to my 16 year old sister to hold onto for me for when I need to get my visual fix. What is wrong with me?
Onto more fiction, only this time my own. I cannot go into detail (as I mentioned before as to why) but I think I am falling in love with my own character. (We’ll call him S) S is everything my husband isn’t and so much more, not to mention he’s not human. But that’s beside the point.
I try to justify my obsession with fictional characters but all I can come up with is that my husband sucks so bad that I have to invent who I actually would have liked to have married.
Okay, random rant over.
One last thing though. I want to know why, in the span of one month my hits counter quadrupled. What did I do? Cuz it certainly wasn’t my avid posting skills.
Anyone have a guess?

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  1. Hey, there are those fictional characters who easily seep into our consciousness. I can understand how that would happen.

    Hope everything is going well with the little ones!


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