Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clearing Up the Confusion

Okay, so some people have asked me to explain the sudden chain of events and while I don't feel comfortable explaining EVERYTHING, I will say that a fight escalated past where it should have. Things were said and done and so now I will be moving in with my mom, Myturo in with his nephews and divorce, and deportation are very likely on the horizon.

It's for the best though. My girls are still young enough that they won't remember any of this and they will no longer be exposed to the manipulative, emotionally destructive and physically dangerous environment any longer.

I am currently selling everything in my apartment to hopefully make a bit of money and then will be moving into my mom's house. I feel so much relief to know she is there for me and my girls. She and my fabulous sister! I love them both so.

So, there it is. I'm sorry if it isn't as detailed as some had hoped but it's a deeply personal situation and I (at this moment) don't care to share it with the whole world. Maybe someday. Wish me luck and peace of mind and conscience please! Thanks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Separation, Divorce & Deportation

Separation of my daughters and myself from my husband.

Divorce from his manipulative and threatening ways.

His deportation in February when his residency expires.

My life is peachy right now. A rotten, old forgotten peach found behind the couch.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Juambalaya (Thanks Court for the spellcheck)( & No, not the food) My Life

A Day in the Life of the Sick Buzzys
Today has been a boring kind of day in our little neck of the woods. It has basically consisted of food - or lack thereof - naps, temper tantrums, bottle feedings, diaper changings and watching TV. You know, Dora, Kai Lan, Spongebob, Fresh Beat Band. Buzzy is now on her first nap, Lessy on her second. I should be napping too, but I'm not. Ask me why? No idea.

Halls with Oral Anesthetic
Eew, the other night I requested that my grandma bring over some chicken soup and Halls cough drops (cherry flavored). She's fabulous and not only brought that stuff over but made Buzzy dinner and cleaned up for me. But then as we were going to bed I popped a cough drop in my mouth and immediately my tongue and inner cheeks went numb. Sure enough she'd bought the kind with the oral anesthetic on it. I'll be returning those. Mama doesn't like numb mouth. Just soothed throat.

No Appetite
Buzzy doesn't have an appetite lately. From what I read it's normal and on top of that being sick, it's doubly normal. She literally eats a cheerio or something for breakfast. A piece of turkey or sometimes just a bite for lunch. A couple bites of whatever we're having for dinner and will drink her normal milk and juices throughout the day. It's driving me crazy!! I want my kid to eat!

Diet? What Diet? Weight? Oh, That Weight!

I need to find my will to lose. Weight that is. I have none right now. I couldn't care less. UGH! Someone find me my motivation. It seems to have gone missing again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Request

We received another request tonight. This one from a literary agent who not only seems to be interested in our work but is a Christian author representative and who seems to have a great sense of humor. She requested the first chapter and a synopsis and warned us that it may take up to 8 weeks to get back to us. No problem. We can be patient. :) LOL Maybe.

But speaking of being patient. I must go and throw up now. Or at least wish I could. Mama's not feeling good. Yuck!

Pix of The Buzz & Less

Poor Poor Poor . . . Who?

I'd like to say poor me. Poor me. Woe is me. Pity me. (feel bad for me yet? or just bored of my monotonous blabber?)Anyway, that wouldn't be true. The poor me, part.I have one healthy little baby who doesn't cry (often). She just sits and stares or smiles or laughs or raises her 3 month old eyebrows at me. And I have a sick toddler who eventually submits after throwing grand mal temper tantrums. (I hope that doesn't offend anyone - my sister used to have petit mal seizures and Buzzy's tantrums far surpass them). For example. The poor thing is sick, cranky and refuses to eat. She shakes her arms and vigorously bobs her head at me while making a weird moaning noise. This means she wants to dance (mama's too sick)so instead, I get the tippy-toe dance and the freak-out face. Then she wants to go outside and I'd gladly take her but daddy can't watch Lessy cuz apparently he's dying. What would he do without me? Oops, sorry. Tangent. So, because she can't go outside I get the running in place, side stepping and walking backward while yelling, noooooooooo. Then Buzzy wants to voom (vacuum). Well, as I mentioned before, daddy's dying so he wouldn't take very kindly to the noisy vacuum and because we can't vacuum, I get a vigorous head shake, a wide open mouth and a blood curdling shriek. NAPTIME.
I lay her down on her pillow. "Baba, Mama." Is all she says, curls up with her blanky and watches Spongebob. Such a good little girl. And now she's asleep.

***Musical Interlude***

We three kings of Orient are
Trying to smoke a rubber cigar
It was loaded
It exploded . . .
Siiiilllleeeennnnt niiiiiight

***End Musical Interlude***

Myturo just came in here and he does look like shit er death warmed over eh . . . poo-poo-ka-ka? He's pale with purple circles under his eyes. In my unprofessional opinion I think he has a migraine. He says his head is throbbing and he's been vomiting. He seems sensitive to light and sound. YUP! Sounds like a migraine to me. So, he sat on the couch rocking back and forth and moaning like bloody-mary then he got up to go take a shower. Uh, ok.

And as Buzzy would say to herself when she sneezes, "Bweff woo"

On the literary agent front, I have now received 11 rejections. Neat. Would you like to see a couple? Well, maybe someday I'll share. Maybe someday I'll share my query letter (the one that gets me my deal) since my favorite authors haven't ever shared theirs. Grrr. LOL

On the movie front, NEW MOON premieres tonight! And hits theaters this Friday! Wahooo! My sister and I are there!

My husband is throwing up in the shower. Yick. Poor guy. And now he's banging something against the wall. Hopefully it's not his head. I wouldn't be able to come up with a good explanation for Buzzy about why there's blood on the wall and daddy's head is caved in

Ok, I think I have babbled enough. The girls are asleep, and so I am going to go review my book... yet again. Till next time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rejection and Temper Tantrums

In the previous post I briefly explained that an agent had requested pages of my manuscript. The next day she politely rejected my material. That's okay. Since then we have received two more rejections but I am holding my head high. Amazingly enough I am not discouraged by them, as I thought I would be. Rather, I am quite inspired to continue writing. In all truth, I think I am pretty darn scared for when my first full manuscript request comes. Yikes! Regardless, I do hope that day DOES come though. I want to see my work in print. I don't care how much I get paid. I just want to see my books in bookstores. Hopefully someday that dream will come true.

On the family front, my poor Buzzy is sick. Well, not as sick as me or my husband. Myturo got me and Buzzy sick and of course he's on his deathbed (not really, but any woman knows a man is on his deathbed with a hang-nail let alone a little runny nose and a cough . . . LOL) I just hope Lessy doesn't catch it as well. I much prefer a sick toddler to a sick infant.
In any case, on top of being 1.5 years old and on top of being sick I believe my Buzzy is entering the terrible two stages of her life. The child throws tantrums for everything. I say no. Tantrum. I say wait. Tantrum. I say eat. Tantrum. I finally give in to "no" "wait" or "eat" and she STILL throws a tantrum. *** I try hard not to give in but a mama must choose her battles. Right? *** It doesn't help that my hubby spoils her rotten. He might say no a million times and then he will give in or he will just say yes (despite the fact that he's saying yes to her running around the house with a fork, or letting her chew on an aluminum gum wrapper or even worse letting her wrap his belt around her neck ***MEN ARE RETARDS***) So, she thinks she can do that with Mama too. But that isn't so.
We are trying to establish a permanent time-out place but I don't want her to associate her bed, or her room, or the couch or wherever with "bad" . . . so I am going to buy her a toddler chair and that will be her designated time out place.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

For now I bid everyone adieu (spelling? LOL)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


This morning I opened my mail and received my first request for manuscript pages from a literary agent! Wahoo! Now I wait to see if she likes my writing style. Please pray that she does.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update on FREAK I mean Hotmail

My Conversation with people on Windows Live:

I recently signed up with hotmail and I am receiving the alert that : This account is currently blocked from sending messages. If you don't think you've violated the Windows Live Terms of Use, please contact customer support.

My user name is {removed email address}

I am an aspring author, querying literary agents which may have been mistaken for sending spam in mass quantities. Please review my account and remove the block.

Me Again When it took them a long ass time answer:
Do I need to bump this up to get answered? I'll repeat...

I recently signed up with hotmail and I am receiving the alert that : This account is currently blocked from sending messages. If you don't think you've violated the Windows Live Terms of Use, please contact customer support.

My user name is {removed email address}

I am an aspring author, querying literary agents which may have been mistaken for sending spam in mass quantities. Please review my account and remove the block.


Thanks for doing this quickly. Also, if I have merely reached my max allowance of e-mails. How do I increase this? This allowance is not enough and I will have to find another e-mail service.

I apologize if it took us a while before we answered this thread. Now, regarding the error message you received, I’ve verified that your account was blocked due to a Terms of Use violation. While I’m not able to discuss the specific reason on why your account was blocked, here are some possible causes:

• Unwanted e-mail or "spam"
• Abusive or harassing e-mail
• Phishing or account fraud

To know more about the sending limit of Hotmail, this solution article link should help you a lot:


When will this block be removed? what can I do to have it removed?

Me again when they took another frickin eternity to answer:
I recently asked why my account was blocked and I got an answer did not answer my question. If you block my account and I am using it for business purposes, to people who are waiting for my e-mails how is it possible that I did something wrong? And if I met my e-mail limit, I need to know how to increase it, otherwise I will be left no choice but to cancel my account and go elsewhere.

My e-mail is {removed email address}
I have a longer standing e-mail address as well which should prove my legitmacy: {removed email address}

Please answer these questions:

1: when will my account be unblocked

2: how do I increase the amount of e-mails I am able to send?

Thank you and I appreciate your prompt answer.

Them (Cheeky little fsuckers):
@ kportillo

I’m sorry you r account can no longer be unblocked after it was blocked due to violation of our Terms of Use. Also, we cannot discuss to you the exact reason on why it was blocked, I can only suggest that you read our Terms of Use, here's the link:


End of Stupid Friggin Story.

Thus I have filtered all of my hotmail mail into my new gmail account and pray that the agents I have queried through that account are able to respond.

Buzz N Less

This is a small update on my girls.

17 months of sweet, but a hot tempered spitfire. She is already entering the 'terrible 2' stage, throwing herself on the floor and screaming unintelligibly when she doesn't get something she wants.

She still only has 4 teeth. Those other three just don't want to cut through. And sheis much more interested in playing now than eating. Trying to get food into her is like trying to get a fish to breathe air. It just isn't happening. UGH!

She is talking in 2-3 word short sentences and running all over the place. She just learned how to climb up on the couch and how to back herself off of it too without falling.

She is obsessed with Spongebob, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Dora. She is finally getting used to going into her Sunday school class and leaving Mama for the 1.5 hours. She loves the l'moe-uh (lawn mower) and voom (vacuum) in there.

3 months of smiley, contented baby fluffiness. And fluffy she is at almost 17lbs. She gut laughs, is more ticklish than any other baby I have ever met, sleeps through the night and only cries for her diaper or bottle.

She coos and goos and is now gripping objects such as her rattle. She loves her daddy better than her mommy and her sissy (Buzzy) 2nd!!

Hotmail Sucks Irritates Me

I made a new e-mail address a few weeks ago so as to be more professional with the queries I sent out. I used hotmail, because their service is free. My permanent e-mail address (sugarypunkin48@netzero.com) just didn't seem professional to me and I didn't want it to affect the first impression any potential agent might have of my work. So I signed up with hotmail.

Well, as of last night I can no longer send e-mails via my hotmail account because I have either reached the maximum sending limit (WTF?) or the Spam Alert has recognized my mass quantities of queries as unsolicited spam. (AGAIN I SAY WTF?) Now I have to wait to see when my account will be reinstated or if it will be at all. In the mean time I have created a yahoo account, but how unprofessional is it to keep sending with different e-mails. I can only imagine that looks a bit fishy.

Stupid hotmail. At least I can still receive mail. I'd have a conniption fit if I couldn't do that.
Anyone else had such issues with hotmail? How'd you get it fixed? Do they have a 1-800 number?

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Next Phase

So I finished my book. A Young Adult Urban Fantasy, 300 page manuscript and 165,000 words. Now what? Now I query agents. I have queried 24 with 4 rejections so far. I am told it takes quite the while and quite a few rejections before you usually get your big break, so here I sit. Twittling my fingers. Until more news arrives, take care.

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