Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hotmail Sucks Irritates Me

I made a new e-mail address a few weeks ago so as to be more professional with the queries I sent out. I used hotmail, because their service is free. My permanent e-mail address (sugarypunkin48@netzero.com) just didn't seem professional to me and I didn't want it to affect the first impression any potential agent might have of my work. So I signed up with hotmail.

Well, as of last night I can no longer send e-mails via my hotmail account because I have either reached the maximum sending limit (WTF?) or the Spam Alert has recognized my mass quantities of queries as unsolicited spam. (AGAIN I SAY WTF?) Now I have to wait to see when my account will be reinstated or if it will be at all. In the mean time I have created a yahoo account, but how unprofessional is it to keep sending with different e-mails. I can only imagine that looks a bit fishy.

Stupid hotmail. At least I can still receive mail. I'd have a conniption fit if I couldn't do that.
Anyone else had such issues with hotmail? How'd you get it fixed? Do they have a 1-800 number?

1 comment :

  1. I had yahoo... Hated it! I LOVE our gmail e-mails. :-) Free too! Sorry you're having issues. I hope it is all worth it and you'll get contacted soon!!!


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