Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Juambalaya (Thanks Court for the spellcheck)( & No, not the food) My Life

A Day in the Life of the Sick Buzzys
Today has been a boring kind of day in our little neck of the woods. It has basically consisted of food - or lack thereof - naps, temper tantrums, bottle feedings, diaper changings and watching TV. You know, Dora, Kai Lan, Spongebob, Fresh Beat Band. Buzzy is now on her first nap, Lessy on her second. I should be napping too, but I'm not. Ask me why? No idea.

Halls with Oral Anesthetic
Eew, the other night I requested that my grandma bring over some chicken soup and Halls cough drops (cherry flavored). She's fabulous and not only brought that stuff over but made Buzzy dinner and cleaned up for me. But then as we were going to bed I popped a cough drop in my mouth and immediately my tongue and inner cheeks went numb. Sure enough she'd bought the kind with the oral anesthetic on it. I'll be returning those. Mama doesn't like numb mouth. Just soothed throat.

No Appetite
Buzzy doesn't have an appetite lately. From what I read it's normal and on top of that being sick, it's doubly normal. She literally eats a cheerio or something for breakfast. A piece of turkey or sometimes just a bite for lunch. A couple bites of whatever we're having for dinner and will drink her normal milk and juices throughout the day. It's driving me crazy!! I want my kid to eat!

Diet? What Diet? Weight? Oh, That Weight!

I need to find my will to lose. Weight that is. I have none right now. I couldn't care less. UGH! Someone find me my motivation. It seems to have gone missing again.

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