Monday, November 16, 2009

Poor Poor Poor . . . Who?

I'd like to say poor me. Poor me. Woe is me. Pity me. (feel bad for me yet? or just bored of my monotonous blabber?)Anyway, that wouldn't be true. The poor me, part.I have one healthy little baby who doesn't cry (often). She just sits and stares or smiles or laughs or raises her 3 month old eyebrows at me. And I have a sick toddler who eventually submits after throwing grand mal temper tantrums. (I hope that doesn't offend anyone - my sister used to have petit mal seizures and Buzzy's tantrums far surpass them). For example. The poor thing is sick, cranky and refuses to eat. She shakes her arms and vigorously bobs her head at me while making a weird moaning noise. This means she wants to dance (mama's too sick)so instead, I get the tippy-toe dance and the freak-out face. Then she wants to go outside and I'd gladly take her but daddy can't watch Lessy cuz apparently he's dying. What would he do without me? Oops, sorry. Tangent. So, because she can't go outside I get the running in place, side stepping and walking backward while yelling, noooooooooo. Then Buzzy wants to voom (vacuum). Well, as I mentioned before, daddy's dying so he wouldn't take very kindly to the noisy vacuum and because we can't vacuum, I get a vigorous head shake, a wide open mouth and a blood curdling shriek. NAPTIME.
I lay her down on her pillow. "Baba, Mama." Is all she says, curls up with her blanky and watches Spongebob. Such a good little girl. And now she's asleep.

***Musical Interlude***

We three kings of Orient are
Trying to smoke a rubber cigar
It was loaded
It exploded . . .
Siiiilllleeeennnnt niiiiiight

***End Musical Interlude***

Myturo just came in here and he does look like shit er death warmed over eh . . . poo-poo-ka-ka? He's pale with purple circles under his eyes. In my unprofessional opinion I think he has a migraine. He says his head is throbbing and he's been vomiting. He seems sensitive to light and sound. YUP! Sounds like a migraine to me. So, he sat on the couch rocking back and forth and moaning like bloody-mary then he got up to go take a shower. Uh, ok.

And as Buzzy would say to herself when she sneezes, "Bweff woo"

On the literary agent front, I have now received 11 rejections. Neat. Would you like to see a couple? Well, maybe someday I'll share. Maybe someday I'll share my query letter (the one that gets me my deal) since my favorite authors haven't ever shared theirs. Grrr. LOL

On the movie front, NEW MOON premieres tonight! And hits theaters this Friday! Wahooo! My sister and I are there!

My husband is throwing up in the shower. Yick. Poor guy. And now he's banging something against the wall. Hopefully it's not his head. I wouldn't be able to come up with a good explanation for Buzzy about why there's blood on the wall and daddy's head is caved in

Ok, I think I have babbled enough. The girls are asleep, and so I am going to go review my book... yet again. Till next time.

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